Thursday, July 22, 2010

MESSING with the MYTH!!!!
And None Dare Call It Treason
by Patrick J. Buchanan

A special report from the Arizona Republic
by BillMuller,October3,1999
Chapter One: What is Honor?
Chapter Two: John Wayne McCain
Chapter Three: The Crown Prince
Chapter Four: Arizona, the early years
Chapter Five: The Keating Five
Chapter Six: Arizona, the later years
Chapter Seven: Inside the beltway

McCain's latest credit is the McCain Amendment which severly impacted the Missing Service Personnel Act of 1995/1996. Who's side is this guy on anyway?
POW/MIA Families Alleged McCain Assault: Senate Ethics Committee Failed to Investigate by Elliot Cohen Buzzflash June 25, 2008
"Hero" John McCain as Phony and Collaborator: What Really Happened When He Was a POW?
by Alexander Cockburn Counterpunch Diary April 19-20, 2008
The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides

In 1992, John McCain was serving on the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. Vietnamese officials began to complain that American POW/MIA activists (mostly family members of the missing men) were causing too many problems and posed a threat to lifting the U.S. trade embargo on Vietnam. Incredibly, Senator and former POW McCain then went on a campaign against the POW/MIA activists and accused them of fraud.
Measure of the Man
McCain's Voting Record: He Does Not Support Our Troops and Veterans
from the Daily Kos appearing on March 14, 2008
Report: McCain Suppressed Info on Fellow Vietnam POWs Left Behind
Democracy Now interview October 23, 2008
McCain and the POW Cover-up
The Nation September 17, 2008
McCain's Double Standard: Hawk In The Drug War,
Yet His Wife Got No Penalty
The Keating Five Legacy By William K. Black
by Staff
April 9th, 2008
A collection of McCain facts Naval training, early assignments, marriage and family
New Book: McCain Once Physically Attacked Fellow Congressman
by Sam Stein April 8, 2008
A m e r i c a n P o s t – G a z e t t e
C O M M O N S E N S E, Arizona
Monday, July 12, 2010
Vietnam POW 1966-1973
Arizona State Senator 1993-1997
Legislative Research Analyst
Director of Legislative Services
Arizona State Treasurer’s Office
Arizona State University
Asst. Professor 1975-1977
Professional Public Speaker
Full Time Missionary-Historic Kirtland 2004-2005
Full Time Missionary-Texas Lubbock Mission 2006-2007
Service Missionary ASU Institute of Religion 2007-2009
Religious Advisory Committee Arizona Dept of Corrections
I want everyone to know that John McCain served honorably as a POW. However, to my knowledge he never held any position of leadership while a prisoner. I was there 2,494 days; he was there 1,966 days. This message has nothing to do with our POW experiences but is my desire to emphasize that our political philosophies are diametrically opposed, I am a Republican.
I am tired of John McCain’s personal and exaggerated attacks on JD Hayworth.
I am going to start campaigning for JD Hayworth in a big way, and if you would be willing to help me I would appreciate it.
1. McCain thinks he can buy this election with negative campaign ads. Let’s show him what Grass Root politics is all about.
2. JD needs some funding. Go to his web site if you feel you can help. Even a little really helps. 3. Tell your friends Larry “Lucky” Chesley, supports JD Hayworth.
4. Forward this to your friends.
5. Help me put on an event in the East Valley that will blow McCain out of the water.Thank you for your help and your friendship.
Lucky Chesley
For more information about Larry, including his experience as a POW