Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jan Brewer’s got a good thing cooking (H/T Carol)
Welcome to Boston this weekend, Gov. Jan Brewer.
Pay no attention to any rabble loitering out in the street, jabbering in some strange foreign tongue. It’s funny how we’re always told how they have to live in the shadows, but they always seem to find the time to emerge long enough to throw beer bottles at the police.

But don’t sweat it, Gov. Brewer. The majority - the vast majority - of Americans are on your side.
We are all Arizonans now. We all live in border states. We are all overwhelmed by this invasion, even in here in Massachusetts, where the illegals take time out from rioting after the World Cup games to converge on the State House on an almost weekly basis. Each time they’re brazenly demanding some new handout - more medical care, additional translators, free college tuition, drivers’ licenses.
The demonstrations always take place during business hours, even though I thought they were only here to do the jobs Americans won’t do - like driving drunk in their unregistered, unlicensed, uninspected, uninsured vehicles.
It’s not about immigration. It’s about illegal immigration. You cannot have a society where one group is expected to obey the laws, play by the rules, pay taxes and speak a common language, and another group sneaking in and not asking, but demanding, to be given everything, for free, with no consequences whatsoever for any crimes they commit.
Out of control? Last week the feds arrested two Russian spies in Cambridge. They were of course registered to vote. Nobody bothered to inquire about their “papers,” because that wouldn’t be Politically Correct.
Then a drunk Mexican illegal dressed up in a meringue costume rear-ended a state rep in Brighton. Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigo!
The month before, we celebrated diversity by having a roundup of some illegal Pakistanis who were somehow connected to the would-be Times Square bomber. One of those alleged terror-connected Pakistani cabbies was busted in Boston, home of the meatheads known as the Boston City Council. They passed a resolution demanding a boycott of Arizona.
I guess the Boston City Council is boycotting Boston now that the cabbie was lugged in Allston.
Gov. Brewer, we in Massachusetts support you and Arizona - more than 80 percent on some issues in recent polls. This is why even the Democrat legislature is finally starting to get the message. We can’t take care of every foreign layabout who sneaks into this country and either drops an anchor baby or declares himself a political refugee. Even further north, in New Hampshire, they’re being overwhelmed. Somehow the illegals have misinterpreted the state motto. It’s “Live Free or Die,” not “Live for Free or Die.”
Oh, yes, we all live in border states now - all 57 of them, by Obama’s count. Our PC fool of a governor tells us with a straight face that what he calls “undocumented workers” can’t get state benefits. But Auntie Zeituni, President Obama’s aunt, squats in public housing, “retired” at age 57.
Every few years we check the tax filings of state legislators, and along with the usual collection of U.S. deadbeats, just about everybody who came over from the Third World doesn’t pay taxes. Where would the likes of Marie St. Fleur and Antonio Cabral ever get the idea that paying taxes is only for the stupid gringos?
We know what you’re going through because we’re going through it, only it’s not as bad - yet. That’s why we paraphrase President Kennedy:
I am an Arizonan.