Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DON'T TREAD ON ME!!!!I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT: "THE CHRISTOPHER GADSDEN" (1724-1805) who was an American general and statesman during the American Revolution. He became the principal leader of the South Carolina radicals in the pre-Revolutionary period. He was a delegate for South Carolina in the Continental Congress and a Brigadier General of the state's forces during the Revolutionary War.
I'M TALKING ABOUT the Christopher Gadsden who usurped his name to make a phony Facebook page. None of the information i.e.: College is not verifiable it's on line classes, Employment etc. and to start a blog called Arizona Right to Win on March 23, 2010 with one posting in April until he posted a hit piece on July 6, 2010 on two candidates for Arizona Congressional District 3. It's OK to voice your opinion, but to print blatant lies about anyone is unforgivable. If you are going to voice your opinion at least have the balls to use your own name and not pick a pseudonym of an American Hero. Pseudonym writer "without the balls" to use their own name, has attempted to besmirch the reputation of a candidate who is honorable and has the integrity to serve in Congress with distinction as the first African American from Arizona. VERNON PARKER'S life is an open book, he has F.B.I., Secret Service clearance's up the cazoo and this yahoo that won't even post their own photo or use their own name is going to spread lies? Buster not on my watch. Meet me for a duel at dawn for a shoot out I'm racked and loaded with computer and a blog that's read around the world.TO VERIFY INORMATION ON VERNON PARKER and his position on issues facing America.
*Vernon Parker former Mayor of Paradise Valley
*Taxes were reduced during his tenure
• As Mayor he cut spending by 54%.
• Founded his own law firm and small business
• Has been responsible for a budget in the private sector and as Mayor
• Created jobs as a small businessman
• Nominated for small-business of the year award
• The only candidate with a real plan to get the economy moving again.
• The only candidate with a real plan to close the border.
• Appointed by President Bush as Assistant Secretary at the Department of USDA
• Was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate as Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture
• Served as a Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush in the White House.
• Was General Counsel of a major federal agency.
• His career started as a financial analyst for Rockwell International.
• Has been endorsed by fellow conservatives Congressman Matt Salmon and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
• Served for two years as an interim pastor of a local church.
• Served as member of the National and Greater Phoenix Salvation Army Board
• Served as member of Christian Family Care Agency.
• Graduated from Georgetown Law School in Washington D.C. and has a finance degree from California State University, Long Beach.
Yep, everyone of you are correct, I can't vote for Vernon Parker, I'm not in his district. I'm supporting him with my time, voice, computer and financially. American's need a patriot who has the values that our country was founded own. Vernon Parker does and in the words of "Tex Earnhardt" and that ain't no BULL. be