Friday, July 16, 2010

FUGITIVE ROUNDUP Interpol Leads New International Effort
The FBI is seeking to locate and apprehend international fugitives by participating in Interpol’s Operation Infra-Red. Click  to learn more about these wanted individuals. If you have information about any of these fugitives, please contact your local FBI office or send an e-mail to Interpol’s fugitive unit.

Eric Bartoli was indicted in Ohio in 2003 in connection with a Ponzi scheme that bilked his customers out of millions of dollars. He’s been on the run ever since, possibly living in Peru. William Zepeda is wanted in Georgia for armed robbery and murder. He may have fled to his native El Salvador. Alleged child predator Roger Giese, charged in California, could be hiding out in Norway or the Bahamas.

While the FBI is well known for its Top Ten list of wanted fugitives, we also seek to locate and apprehend many other criminals who have avoided arrest by fleeing the country. To help catch these fugitives, the Bureau partners with law enforcement agencies around the world, including the international police organization Interpol.
Interpol’s Operation Infra-Red (short for International Fugitive Roundup and Arrest) represents a focused effort to apprehend fugitives like Bartoli, Zepeda, and Giese by promoting the timely exchange of information among the organization’s member countries and by soliciting the help of the public worldwide.
Public Service FYI if you reconize any of the above individuals, please use contact links to report them or go to your local FBI office. Thanks be