Friday, July 2, 2010

Vernon Parker Sues Federal Government for Abuse

Top Candidate Running For Congress vows To Help Prevent Abuses To Others by the Federal Government As Happened To Him
PHOENIX, ARIZONA. JULY 2, 2010. Former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton has labeled it one of the worst abuses by the federal government he has ever seen. And now former Paradise Valley Mayor and top Republican congressional candidate Vernon Parker is fighting back.
Today Parker filed an abuse of process claim against the federal government for wrongdoing associated with the politically motivated investigation against him by the SBA’s Office of Inspector General.
“Besides wanting to stand up for my community in the U.S. Congress, another reason I am running is to prevent our out of control federal government from doing to others what they have done to me. As a former pastor I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe that when the government has done wrong, it needs to own up to its wrongdoings,” Parker said.
Parker was sought after and asked by the SBA itself to bid on one of their contracts. Because of his distinguished background as a Senior White House staffer, and Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Parker was awarded the contract through a competitive bid. He was unaware, however, that he replaced someone with ties to the powerful Democratic Congresswoman Nadia Velasquez, Chair of the House Small Business Committee, the committee responsible for oversight of the SBA.
That started the nefarious government conduct, according to Charlton who proclaimed the investigation a pure political witch hunt. “In 17 years of being a federal prosecutor and as a former United States Attorney for the state of Arizona, I have never seen such a flawed investigation by the federal government. In the end, they tried to hide material that would have proven Vernon’s innocence.”
“I applaud Vernon for fighting back, and fighting with such character and determination. In investigating this case, we discovered that the government knowingly and intentionally used false information against Vernon,” Charlton said.
Parker said his lawsuit will help send a strong message that government is not above the law and ought not to be allowed to trample over its citizens. “I fought the accusations because they were lies and I knew it was the right thing to do. No government should abuse its resources to deliberately try to go after one of its citizens for political reasons.” “I know the awesome powers of government—and it is critical that they not be abused . We as citizens of this great country must hold our government accountable,” said Parker