Monday, July 19, 2010

Car bombing Experts was trap
Car bomb in Juárez mimics Middle East terrorist tactics
EL PASO -- The car bombing in Juárez on Thursday in which three people were killed signifies an escalation of brutality and sophistication in the city's 2-year-old drug war, officials said. officials on Friday confirmed a car bomb with C-4 plastic explosives was detonated from a remote location.

Andrade, Calif. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers performing southbound inspections at the Andrade, Calif. border crossing stopped a driver with two machine guns strapped to the engine of his pickup from entering Mexico with the weapons and 680 rounds of ammunition.
President Obama called our immigration laws "unenforceable
The vast majority of citizens want to live in safety, with secure borders, but he has done nothing to deal in a positive way with the daily influx of criminals flowing across our southern border. The president calls the federal laws regarding illegal immigration “unenforceable,” and has instituted a lawsuit against Arizona for having the fortitude to pass a law to try to protect its citizens from the onslaught of those illegally crossing into that state.
Erase your mistake, remove that bumper sticker.