Thursday, July 29, 2010


Border Security
We need leaders who will insist that border security is a national security problem for the United States. We must enforce our laws and eliminate the lawlessness along our border.
Arizona is the number 1 state for illegal drug trafficking in the United States. This must stop! I find it incomprehensible that our borders remain unsecured, but all travelers have to take their shoes off to fly on an airplane. We screen visa applicants and travelers, but we leave the back door to our country wide open.
Vernon Parker’s...Secure the Border Now Plan
Recently, a Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot by suspected drug smuggling thugs. Last month, rancher Rob Krentz was murdered in cold blood down in Cochise County. While these tragedies and the recent passage of SB 1070 have finally focused the nation’s attention once again on our failed border policies, we must not let this moment pass.
The violence associated with illegal immigration is not reserved for areas around the border. Phoenix is now the kidnap capital of the U.S. thanks to these same thugs. The federal government has let us down. It is time for Arizonans and Americans to act.
Enforcement of our laws and securing our border must be a top national security priority.
Arizona is the number one state for illegal drug and human trafficking, but Arizona also bears the costs of educating and providing healthcare to many illegal aliens. While many come to this country seeking a better life, our failure to secure our borders and to enforce our own laws has been an invitation to cartels to expand their operations.This must stop!

My Secure the Border Now Plan does three things:
Locks down the border
Stops the drug smuggling
Stops the violence
I have seen firsthand how drugs can destroy individuals, families and communities. I grew up in such an area. By the grace of God, I escaped. We must protect law-abiding citizens and legal residents, not the drug smugglers and human traffickers.
I am proud to have the support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio who deals with this issue daily.
We must deploy every available resource to secure the Arizona-Mexico border. We must build a fence, hire more border patrol and customs agents, and send the National Guard to close up this drug and human trafficking pipeline.
It is incomprehensible that our border remains unsecured. The federal government screens legal immigrants and travelers with great vigilance. But it leaves the back door to our country wide open.
The failed policies of Washington not only effect ranchers along our southern border, but they also effect law enforcement, hospitals and schools across our state.
My plan will lock down the border, stop the drug smuggling and stop the violence in the southwest border region. This is a national crisis and the federal government must act decisively and now!
Here is how we can do it:
Parker Secure the Border Now Plan
 Immediately deploy 3,000 National Guard troops to secure our southern border and prevent the spread of violence from Mexico. Their immediate deployment, particularly to the
Arizona border, is critical to ensuring the integrity of the border.
 Complete the construction of a multi-layer fence along the Arizona-Mexico border and ensure border agents have the resources to protect it. The border fence continues to be piecemeal, and despite Secretary Napolitano’s assertions that it is more secure than ever before, we as a nation are unable to control the flow of people and drugs across it.

Hire and train 5,000 new Border Patrol agents quickly and assign them to secure our southern border. National Guard troops are not a permanent fix, and we need to quickly hire and train permanent agents who will be prepared to secure our border and relieve the National Guard.

Hire 3,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to supplement the agency’s enforcement efforts nationally. It’s not enough to stop traffic at the border. We must also redouble enforcement of all federal immigration laws inside our borders, including tracking down and deporting the illegal aliens that have criminal records.

Increase funding to $100 million for enhanced cooperation between federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies protecting the southern border. State, local and tribal law enforcement agencies have to deal daily with the crime and costs of a failed border security