Friday, July 16, 2010

Says he's 4TH GENERATION Arizonan, was born in Indiana. Has a total of 5 years work experience 3 with “The Quayle Family.” 2002-2004 WHERE WAS HE INFO MISSING FROM BIO. I called the campaign headquarters and asked the question, where was Ben Quayle from 2002-2004? Take a wild guess, nobody knew, couldn't find the answer, wanted  a number to get back to me after they found out. Moved to AZ 2006 Bought House in District 3 Dec 2009. Never voted in Local election. In an Interview said like a lot of 33 year olds never been involved in politics Take the silver spoon out of your mouth. YOUR qualifications make Obama’s look stellar and we know he didn’t have much except a teleprompter. Does Ben Quayle think money and a name can buy fame? Ben Quayle wants to be: A Political Star
Political Star
by Ellis Baxter
So you want to be a political star?
Then listen now to what I say
Just get a consulting group
Then take some time and learn what to say
You’re remade with your past swept clean
Even get a saltwater…….. beauty queen
Play the role of family man kid or two or a dog will do…………
And with your hair cut right
Your pants zipped tight
It's gonna be all right
Then it's time to go downtown
Where the strategy man won't let you down
Sell your soul to Log Cabin Strategies
Media Man will put you on TV
And in a week or two, When you hit the air
No one says voter beware
Cause you’ll be a political star
Polls put your head in the clouds, Your finger in the air
AC your money away…………
The price you paid for your riches and fame
Was it all a strange game? You're a little insane
The money that came and the public acclaim ,Don't forget what you are
You're a political star!