Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's BIRTHDAY PARTY !!

Vernon Parker candidate for Arizona's District 3 Congressional seat and friend of Sheriff Joe hosted an ice cream feast with toppings, sprinkles, cherries and of course lots of whipped cream. Guaranteed to add inches to your derriere and waistline.
Mary Coyle's Ol' Fashion Ice Cream Parlor was the place to be for a social gathering to honor the birth of Arizona's infamous Sheriff Joe. The big discussion of the afternoon was whether he's world, galaxy or inter -galaxies infamous or famous. The straw poll taken didn't result in a majority vote. We still don't know. Sheriff Joe is opting for whatever encompasses the .world and beyond.
The Sheriff is famous for selling his trademarked autographed pink underwear. Years ago he required all inmates to wear pink underwear and started selling them to defray cost. Our Joe has some innovative ideas for the inmates.
Sheriff Joe's birthday gift from Vernon Parker , was autographed white underwear with a photograph of Vernon Parker, talk about one upmanship. Who says Republicans, don't have a sense of humor or know to have a good time? Not Moi be
Photographs courtesy of wldbluyondr