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NRA endorsement of McCain destroys group’s credibility NRA magazine cover 2001
NRA endorsement of McCain destroys group’s credibilityThose who are familiar with this site will recall that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been on the Seeing Red AZ blogroll since the inception of this website in June 2007. Take a good hard look, because the link will soon be coming down.
Yesterday we posted the endorsements U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth received from former NRA President Bob Corbin and from the Gun Owners of America. Yet the NRA, which has previously referred to John McCain as “one of the premier flag carriers for the enemies of the second amendment,” inexplicably gave McCain their endorsement.
In endorsing Hayworth, the Gun Owners of America (GOA) said: “John McCain has gone out of his way to earn the ire of conservatives and gun owners in his 20-plus years as a U.S. Senator from Arizona.”
Watch this GOA ad exposing John McCain’s efforts to constrain our First and Second Amendment Rights. Then read what GOA’s Political Victory Fund says about McCain here.
This indefensible approval is akin to the shameful endorsement of McCain by Arizona Right to Life (AZRTL) which resulted in members of the board and PAC leaving the organization and calling the endorsement of McCain an “egregious affront.” AZRTL acknowledged that J.D. Hayworth “had a perfect pro-life voting record during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives,“ but it was evident McCain’s financial support via buying tables at events meant more. ARTL said the determining factors in their endorsement decision were “incumbency and electability,“ both political considerations — neither of which incorporate the fundamental principle of protection of the unborn.
And the equally hypocritical NRA?
Here is their July 20, 2001 First Freedom magazine cover story and accompanying article titled, What’s Happened to John McCain? The tag-line accompanying the damning photo of him with Democrats Chuck Schumer and Joe Lieberman accuses John McCain of “jeopardizing the freedom of law-abiding gun owners.”
We strongly urge you to read it, and then join us in enrolling as a member in Gun Owners of America.
Endorsement splinters NRA ~ ALERT...... A Must Read !

Arizona NRA members are pissed they were not consulted about John McCain's representation of the 2nd amendment.
1. I am very puzzled.
Seems to me that there are some back-door shenanigans going on, strings being pulled, favors called and perhaps some promises given.NRA endorsement of McCain destroys group’s credibility
As you can see in the photo when you go to this site, the picture is of the front cover of the NRA Magazine.........and the article provides some interesting facts.
I have resigned my membership in the NRA because of this shameful endorsement, and I suggest that you look at the facts, then look in the mirror, and take whatever action you deem proper.
2. WHY? NRA should have come to it's loyal members in ARIZONA first! Common come to us for everything else!
This is a PRIMARY...
NRA could have avoided an Endorsement until AFTER the Primary! That would have bee the reasonable option and COMMON SENSE !
Money talks and bull shit walks, it seems McCain has enough money that even the powerful gun advocate NRA will spew his bull shit. I also will resign my membership in the NRA. BE