Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sam Crump Tax Increase UPDATE
I just received confirmation from Sam Crump himself stating in no uncertain terms that he did support a sales tax increase while he lived in Sonoma Valley, CA in 2000. In a statement to me this morning, Crump rationalized his push for higher taxes the same way most California liberals do -- with a whine. The tax increase to widen of a road through wine country was positioned as public safety issue.
"Here is the key part of Sam’s response: “…I was asked to serve as spokesman for the effort in order to provide leadership on this issue…I accepted the task”
So not only did he support a tax increase, but he championed the effort serving as its spokesman. Turns out it was worse than I thought."
Crump clearly intended to keep his lack of good judgement from the Arizona voter's, it hasn't been a part of his political resume', until now. Tsk, Tsk Transparency is the key to becoming Arizona's District 3 Congressman.
Clearly, Crump is not the “leader” Arizona needs to serve us in Congress.