Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As you know the President put into place a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. And a federal Judge overuled it. Yea for a good Federal Judge.
Are we being set up to get screwed for the green agenda?
Yesterday on Glen Beck TV show he brought out the fact that George Soros ,major funding for Move , and American Center for Progress, A Major PROGRESSIVE organization(Socialist) ,owns 970 million dollars worth of stock in Brazils largest Oil producer, Petrobras.
Petrobras is contracted to sell their oil to China.
If the moratorium holds.... The rigs will be moving to Brazil, where they drill 3 times deeper that the failed rig in the Gulf.
It is possible that the 32 rigs in the Gulf will leave and never return, because of delays and regulations in the USA. That will make us more dependent on foreign oil, not less. You will also recall the deception last month by Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar , when he said scientist reviewed the proposal and agreed to a moratorium, They did not agree, he added 2 paragraphs to the document, they never saw, that recommended a Moratorium.
Later he admitted it and apologized.
Apology my ass, he should be fired for that deception.
Now the Local courts have overruled the Moratorium, and Obama is fighting it.
Why , on grounds it may be unsafe.
Well it does look a little like" Political Payback" Chicago style.
The "Circle of Political Life" at your expense.
This could have 4 results,
1. Oil prices go up and we get $5.00 to $6.00 gas
2. George Soros gets richer
3. George Soros funds Obama's re-election
4. Obama gets higher cost energy to help make alternatives more economically feasible, green movement is Happy
We will be just like Spain who has already been down this road and is now abandoning the strategy. Why???? It cost JOBS and is unsustainable since the Government has to subsidize these alternative energy programs to make them feasible even with higher energy cost, your taxes go up and The US goes bankrupt.
Be aware, pay attention,question why they are doing what they are doing, when it doesn't make since to you.