Friday, June 4, 2010

PARKER for Arizona Congressional District 3

Parker: Obama Still Wrong on SB 1070
Phoenix, AZ. June 3, 2010 -- Today Congressional Candidate Vernon Parker released the following statement regarding President Obama’s meeting with Governor Jan Brewer.
“President Obama and the Congress have failed Arizona, and because of this failure have left us no choice except to provide a legal framework to actively pursue law breakers. It’s why SB 1070 is so important, it gives law enforcement the tools it needs to protect our citizens. President Obama and his administration’s opposition to this law are not surprising, especially considering his administration’s refusal to enforce existing law. I wonder if the President has even read 1070, or if he has been too busy golfing to get around to it,” said Parker.
Mayor Vernon Parker is the only Third District Candidate to release a comprehensive border security plan. The key elements of the Parker Plan are:
·>> Immediately deploy 3,000 the National Guard troops to secure our southern border and prevent the spread of
violence from Mexico. Their immediate deployment, particularly to the Arizona border is critical to ensuring we can secure the integrity of the border.
·>> Complete the construction of a multi-layer fence along the Arizona-Mexico border and ensure border agents have the resources to protect it. The border fence continues to be piecemeal, and despite Secretary Napolitano’s assertions that it is more secure than ever before, we as a nation are unable to control the flow of people and drug across it.
·>> Hire and train 5,000 new Border Patrol agents quickly to be assigned to securing our southern border. National Guard troops are not a permanent fix, and we need to quickly hire and train permanent agents who will be prepared to secure our border and relieve the National Guard.
·>> Hire 3,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to supplement the agency’s enforcement efforts nationally. It’s not enough to stop traffic at the border. We must also redouble our enforcement all federal immigration laws inside our borders, including tracking down and deporting the criminal aliens who have criminal records.
·>> Increase funding to $100 million for enhanced cooperation between Federal, State, local and tribal law enforcement agencies protecting the southern border. State, local and tribal law enforcement agencies have to deal with the crime and costs of a failed border security policy daily.
·>> Fully fund the State and Criminal Assistance Program at $950 million to reimburse state and local governments for the costs of incarcerating illegal immigrants. Secretary Napolitano, who used to send the Bush Administration a bill for Arizona’s costs, is uniquely suited to helping me usher through this funding in next year’s budget.  Go Here>>To read Vernon Parker's postion on ISSUES for America.