Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is a real sign here in AZ just off I-8.
No more camping south of I-8. ......
So, our government has surrendered and ceded part of Arizona to the smugglers and cartels of Mexico???
What do you think would happen if signs like this were to be found back East?
But this is just backwater, flyover AZ so it doesn't count to the media and Congress, I guess. Folks, this nation better wake up and pay attention. This is only the
beginning of what you can expect in YOUR backyards.This is not an exaggeration: I stopped hiking some of my favorite mountains and canyons because of the smuggling dangers. Who wants to carry more guns and ammo than water in order to survive in the Arizona desert? That is what it has become. Maybe your state is next?
U.S. Post Office now enabling illegal aliens
Immigration Reform Examiner Looking to capitalize on the growing remittance industry, largely fueled by illegal aliens sending money earned through illegal employment in this country, back home, the U.S. Post Office now offers a wire transfer service, but only to countries in Latin America. The service, called Dinero Seguro (Sure Money) is being advertised in local post offices with posters showing a Latino family, along with the caption “for your wire transfer of funds back home.”
The following description of the service was taken directly from the official USPS website: “It’s easy to wire money with Sure Money™ (Dinero Seguro®). Whether you are sending it to a business or to family or friends, all you have to do is visit a participating Post Office* and send your money. It will be transferred in just 15 minutes to a participating branch in the destination country.”
The wire transfers are only available to the following countries:
-Argentina-Colombia-Dominican Republic-Ecuador-El Salvador-Guatemala
The new plan will allow a sender to transfer up to $2,000 a day to Latin America. The fee to the sender begins at $10 on an amount of up to $750.