Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010
At the request of two commenters on Sonoran Alliance, "The Mole" and "Rats," pictured above, we are sending you this article from that website written by editor Shane Wikfors.
With every day the Republican Primary election draws nearer, John McCain's malcontent misfits seem to manufacture a new melodrama in an effort to derail the populist insurgency of JD Hayworth.
This time, they actually dug deep through the video archives to find a commercial featuring JD Hayworth in which he confirms the availability of taxpayer money to those seeking to reclaim it. Needless to say, the producer of the infomercial utilizes Mr. Hayworth's skills as a broadcaster.
Here's a fiscally conservative tip to Team McCain. Next time you want to dig up a commercial featuring JD Hayworth, why don't you call KFYI-55o here in Phoenix and ask them for radio commercial archives. The idiots running John McCain's campaign were not smart enough to simply pull ads featuring JD Hayworth selling Republic Monetary Exchange or any one of the other sponsors of his former radio program.
What Team McCain failed to mention (again) is that former Congressman, J.C. Watts, also appeared in infomercials for the same company. For those of you who don't know JC Watts, he is an African American conservative from Oklahoma. In case you missed that, JC Watts is a black conservative and former congressman. Knowing John McCain's inability to criticize African Americans, it's probably the reason why you won't see him criticize JC Watts for starring in an infomercial just like JD Hayworth.
But wait there's more!
A quick review of the campaign finance reports shows that John McCain took money from the head of the National Grants Conference. In fact, McCain took $9,400 from the company as detailed in the Federal Elections Commission reports and Open Secrets.
Of course, Team McCain doesn't want you to know that John McCain was taking the money of Michael Milin as fast as he was handing it out! And John McCain is no stranger to handing out money. Remember he voted for the $700,000,000,000 in taxpayer money to the Wall Street Bankers?
And let's also remember that John McCain took government money from the public financing system when he ran for President in 2008.
He lost in 2008 and he'll lose again in 2010. JD Hayworth for Senate.
Allah Pundit needs to get his/her or it's facts straight when writing an opinion. You may not like J.D. Hayworth for any number of reasons, however to infer he isn't bright shouldn't be one of them. J. D. To set you straight on J.D. Hayworth During his twelve years in the House, JD became the first Arizonan to serve on the Ways and Means Committee where he helped write the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 and 2003. After his six terms in Congress, Citizens United named JD as its first “Ronald Reagan Fellow". Hayworth is also a “Paul Harris Fellow” of Rotary International, and an Eagle Scout. JD graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University in 1980, with a double major in Political Science and Speech-Communication. He attended N.C. State on a football scholarship, and served as Student Body President his senior year. He's never wrecked FIVE U.S. Air Force planes, he's never said I didn't know what was in the bill as McCain did when he voted for the Tarp Bill disavowing any knowledge that it was laden with pork and that ain't a pig. BE

Comments from/for Allah Pundit Blog
1. Allah, we get it. You hate Hayworth. But you don’t need to reproduce every single campaign ad or attack the McVain campaign comes up with. If my two choice in a GOP Primary was Juan Shamnesty McVain or Satan….I would have to go with Satan.
2. Do you think its legal / ethical / desirable / profitable / moral
for illegal aliens and their families to get US taxpayer subsidized benefits ? Are there different standards for US taxpaying citizens ?
3. Question #1: What were the grants for? Based on the way he described it, it sounded something like SBA development grants. Question #2: Did McCain vote for the grants?
4. Uh, 0. Like he says (paraphrasing): It’s your money that you as a taxpayer have already put in the system, you’re just taking some out for yourself. BFD. Kevin Thibadeau has been doing these for years. Love ya Hayworth! Sock it to FakeCain!
5. I don’t see what so wrong with telling people where to get the money that the gov’t is giving out. What’s wrong is the fact that the gov’t is giving the money out and someone is going to get it.
6. And yet, he would still be an improvement over Backstabbin’ Backdoor John McCain. I mean, the Democrat would be an improvement over McCain; an empty seat would be an improvement over McCain. Ah well, I’ve given up hope for things improving in my lifetime. I honestly don’t care anymore. But I still would love to see McCain lose. his guy is better than McCain any day of the week. no matter how you slice it. he could eat babies for all i know. still makes him the better choice. btwn the moderate-maverick and infomercial-clown, send in the clown!
7.Yes! Which is why I was so disappointed to have been put in the position of having to vote for him as the lesser of two evils over Obama. McCain sucks. The way he has run this campaign has been disgusting. I WILL vote for Hayworth in the primary, but McCain will, undoubtedly, get the nomination, and I will not vote for him again. I guess that makes me a “die-hard McCain hater,” according to Allahpundit’s idiotic commentary above. I’ll wear the label proudly.