Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At The Beverly Hills Hilton
On June 6th my friend from Texas and I attended the Republican Jewish Coalition Summer Bash at the Beverly Hills Hilton sponsored by the California Region. Ron Plotkin the Master of Ceremonies and Dinner Chairman did an absolutely fantastic job. There were over 600 guest that included several notable special guests. My favorite was Jon Voight, the reason being he gave me a couple of hugs. We happened to meet up with Karl Rove and his staff in the hall. When I told him my friend was from Palestine, Texas he gave us both a hug and of course being a Texan he had to tell us the one about (Billy Bob) Who wanted to know where Christ was born and ran around asking was he born in, Athens response no, every place that he named he was told no no he wasn't born there finally someone responded he was born in Palestine, Billy Bob said Oh! I didn't know he was born in East Texas. O.K. so he's not a great joke teller but he delivered one hell'va keynote speech.
Between Dennis Praeger and Karl Rove the message was loud and clear. Regardless of what state or district you live in it's important to do everything you can to help the candidates and encourage everyone you know to GET OUT TO VOTE. Of course it's understood we would prefer them to vote Republican.
Dennis Prager's speech was excerpts from his upcoming column
If Israel Is Not Evil, the World Is in Big Trouble
With the exception of the United States, nearly all the world's nations; newspapers, radio and TV news stations; the United Nations; and the world's Leftist academics and organizations have condemned Israel over the Gaza flotilla incident. The characterizations of the Jewish state range from a society so evil that it should not be allowed to exist to a villainous nation that is responsible for a) the suffering of millions of innocent Palestinian men, women and children; b) the lack of Mideast peace; therefore c) the Muslim world's anger at the West; and therefore d) Islamic terrorism itself.
Let's hope the world is right.
Israel is almost totally isolated. A visitor from another planet would have every reason to report back home that the greatest problem on planet earth was this planet's Jewish state. Though Israel is the size of the American state of New Jersey and smaller than El Salvador, and though its population is smaller than that of Sweden, Burundi and Bolivia, it is the most censured country in United Nations history.
And not just nations, of course. According to Amnesty International, "It is imperative that Israel lifts the blockade of Gaza without delay, as it is a form of collective punishment ... Israel should invite the relevant UN experts to carry out an investigation ... It begs credibility that the level of lethal force used by Israeli troops could have been justified. It appears to have been out of all proportion to any threat posed."
And now, The New York Times editorial:
"There can be no excuse for the way that Israel completely mishandled the incident ... It has damaged Israel's ties with Turkey, once its closest ally in the Muslim world."
"No excuse?" Being beaten to death by "peace activists" while carrying paintball guns is "no excuse"? And why wasn't it Turkey's sponsorship of an Islamist organization labeled a terrorist group by the American government that damaged Turkey's relations with Israel? Why is it not Turkey's cooperation with Iran's Holocaust-denying, Holocaust-planning Ahmadinejad that has damaged Turkish-Israeli relations?
Let's hope The New York Times is right.
The reason mankind has to hope that the world, its leaders, its newspapers, its so-called human rights organizations and the United Nations are right about Israel is quite simple: If Israel is the decent party in its war with the Palestinian Authority and Hamas -- and nearly all the world's countries, nearly all the world's media and the United Nations are morally wrong -- what hope is there for humanity? If the world's moral compass is that broken, are we not sailing into a dark age?
Karl Rove's speech made you realize just how brilliant this young man is. He gave facts with dates percentages and any other pertinent information from the stated event without looking at notes or using a TELEPROMPTER.
We all went home with a copy of Rove’s new book Courage and Consequence under our arm and So far it’s a riveting read — more than what you would expect. Anyone thinking about running for an elected office should make this book number one on their reading list.
My friend and I came home inspired to contribute as much as possible of our time and resources to educate our friends and family on the consequences of losing the Republic we inherited. BE