Thursday, June 17, 2010

I believe this reader's insightful analogy deserves to be read by all."As the head "publicar/editar" I made an Executive decision to not only publish this as a comment but also as a column.
and last I heard, the Monroe Doctrine has not been rescinded nor nullified. Presidente Santa Anna tried much the same thing in 1847 with the States of Texas and California. HIs declaration of war through incursion of Mexicanos into US Territory and State, resulted in his getting his tail tied, the Treaty of Guadalupe in 1848, and ceding as reparations to the US, the territories that comprise all of California, Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Utah, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. So the US didn't 'steal' the lands, we won them fair and square, the same way Mexico had won its independence from Spain in 1822, when Spain lost.Now, we have a modern-day Mexican Presidente, doing much the same thing, having authored while minor Mexican functionary, the illustrated comic book showing illegals how to evade the Border Patrol, Immigracion, and apply for US benefits. Now he boldly states he is going to use US part of California, Catalina Island, as a staging area to funnel illegals into the US with false documentation, urges the US to turn over a US Law Enforcement citizen protecting himself and the Border from violent incursion and attack over to Mexico for 'justice,' doesn't want the flow of US wages paid illegals to stop being wired, and excoriates the US and a sovereign state for enforcing laxer laws than he and minions exercise against American citizens in Mexico daily, and has sent Mexican troops into US sovereign space. He supports and applauds Omamba and cronies declaring the 80 mile wide corridor into Arizona off limits to US Citizens, but a free entry zone for illegals.By all definitions of war previous to the last few years, there would be troops along the border, and War declared with even one more intrusion. This tempest in a teapot 'raging' in the halls of Congress, State Capitals, and the White House is naught but a blatant grab for power using illegals as the distraction in this crazy house of smoke and mirrors. Go JD and Vernon. Thanks for the clarification Barbara, God Bless and keep up the good fight...Lance, Texas