Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weapons activists go gunning for Obama
 PISTOLS hanging from belts, rifles slung over backs, hundreds of firearms activists gathered close to the White House yesterday to declare that President Obama is the extremist, not them.
The protest, in April, the first time that campaigners have openly carried weapons in a US national park, came amid growing fears in Washington - voiced last week by Bill Clinton - over the violent anti-Government rhetoric that is spreading across the American heartland.
Equally alarming to many is that the gathering was made up of little-known militia and gun-obsessed organisations that have begun to proliferate since Mr Obama came to power.
One reason for their growing numbers is that they believe the powerful and well-funded National Rifle Association, a powerhouse in expanding the right to bear arms over the past 30 years, has become too mainstream and is not taking on the Obama Administration aggressively enough.