Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MR. SPEAKER, Less Talk, Less Writing,more action

I receive numerous messages daily signed by Speaker Newt Gingrich on How To Save America, today I received;
"Two Simple Steps to Help Save America."
Gingrich: The Next Bubble to Pop Is U.S. Government
Help Stop This Tax That's why I wrote my new book To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine, to explain precisely how we can dismantle this machine and replace it with policies and institutions that work. But I need your help.
All of these ask for a contribution or to buy his book or DVD.
 I understand the theory of capitalism, however Mr. Speaker if you believe you have the answers for Saving America from the Obama administration and his Blame Bush for his failed promises. I know you can write books, do TV appearance and sell DVD's but, Can you fix all of his failed promises and stop the blame Bush syndrome that seems to permeate the Obama Administration: His failed promises to:
1.Put all bills on the White House web site before five days before signing
2. His promise to end ear marks
3. Promise to keep un employment from rising above 8%
4.Close Guantanamo within one year
5. To end the hiring of former lobbyist for White House jobs
6. Disclose names of ALL attendees at closed door White House meetings
7. Promise to end compete contracts with the government
8. A new era of bipartisan cooperation in all matters
9. His promise to have chosen a home Church by Easter of 2009
10. The broken promise to make peace with and direct, no condition talks with Americas enemies
Can you stop Obama's Secular-Socialist machine?
Can you stop the takeover of America and nationalizing American businesses?
Can you restore America to a Republic as our forefathers intended?
Can you secure Americas borders, without giving amnesty to illegal immigrates?
Can you stop the "anchor baby" problem?
Can you restore the economy? Can you reduce unemployment?