Friday, May 28, 2010

The Minister Counsellor of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico

John Feeley,said the 1,200 National Guard troops in the country which will be sent to the border do not have the authority to detain illegal immigrants.
He said the average concentrate the agents at the border, was at the request of the four states bordering Mexico (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas).
In a press conference in Beijing after a meeting with local
authorities, John Feeley said that the elements of the National Guard
will not engage to stop migrants crossing illegally.
He noted that the military presence is because the region is "hot" by drug traffickers.
He said that this operation has no relation with the SB1070 because this is a law that does not support President Barack Obama.
"Their work is not migration, immigration is not a mission is a
mission of supporting the forces of Law Enforcement and Border Patrol
to maintain surveillance of organized crime, will be doing support
work, analyzes intelligence and also monitor their work and observation, "he said.
He added that the soldiers of the Guard "will not have the right to detain anyone, not have the right or the responsibility of implementing immigration rules, its only function is to notice and help the Border Patrol when people are crossing and warn he said".
He said that immigration laws will apply only to the federal
government acknowledged that they have not so satisfactory, however,
the Act was passed in Arizona is not correct.
"Then there's White House lawyers, the Justice Department are studying the matter to determine if you have a legal process to stop the implementation of the Act, we have to see what happens," he said.