Thursday, May 27, 2010

John McCain Senator from Arizona not FOR ARIZONA!!!!
McCain initially said he would not debate until after the Secretary of State ruled Hayworth was qualified to be on the ballot. Next he said he would not debate until the deadline for all candidates to submit signatures had passed. He then said he would not debate until after the signature challenge period expires on June 10. This morning he hinted on a talk radio show that his duties in Congress might delay the debate again.
"I know the Senator realizes the election is Aug. 24 and he owes it to the people of Arizona to face me in several debates before the primary election day," Hayworth said. "After all, he has run for office before, run for President twice and certainly knows how to debate and how important it is for voters to see the candidates discuss the important issues of the day.
"Sen. McCain should not hide behind his huge television advertising campaign and instead stand with me before the voters of this state to explain why he should be re-elected after 28 years in office, after voting for the $850 billion Wall Street bailout, after proposing a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and after sponsoring an amnesty bill that would have cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion in retirement benefits for those who would have received amnesty."

John McCain: Secure Our Borders -
JOHN MCCAIN – Tries to Have Michelle Dallacroce REMOVED from a Town Hall Meeting in Prescott when pressed on the issue of Illegal Alien Anchor Babies and the Women Crossing our border “POPPING OUT THESE KIDS!”

John McCain At Arizona Town Hall Meeting
 Senator from Arizona JOHN MCCAIN – RUDE, BULLY & I “will not dignify the question with an answer!”