Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey.. No HAY ..Two Mississippi Certified Rednecks to the rescue! (h/t Carol)

These guys work for CW Roberts, a big contractor in Walton County, Florida .
CW Roberts employees demonstrating the use of hay to assist in a defense against the oil spill in the Gulf. This is the method that is included in the Walton County Florida Plan of Action.
They have just received a contract to do the “HAY THING” for all the 26 miles of Walton County, Florida beaches including Sandestin..
They start off shore with tug boats and barges spreading or blowing the hay over the oil.
When this works it will make the Obama Administration look like the buffoons they are. The EPA will look even look sillier.
Could the reason this and other low cost or better ideas aren't being considered be It rhymes with honey? Large companies like Haliburton won't make millions cleaning up the mess. There are other ways available on how to clean up the mess that are not expensive, that aren't being considered. Shame on the corporate run government and big business. Stupidity and Greed are the reason, nothing more.