Monday, May 24, 2010

How will drones be able to stop the violence,
These Pic slaying are from Carmago and Miguel Aleman.  

Have you seen enough to realize it's not about racial profiling. It's about saving the live of people on both sides of the border. The Tohono O'odham Nation has 75 miles of border and the fence there is only designed to stop vehicles, not people on foot. Chairman Ned Norris Jr. said an estimated 800 illegal immigrants coming through a day. 800 per day times 365 days equals 292,000 per year. And this is only 75 miles of border. Worse yet, the "got away" rate through the reservation is huge. That's why illegll aliens are running amok up around I-8 where the deputy was shot.At the accepted 17% criminal rate, that is almost 50,000 criminals per year. Now add in the other 187 miles of Arizona border.
DRUG CARTEL WARS ARE SPILLING INTO AMERICA and costing American lives. Elements of the Marina-Armada de Mexico in Tamaulipas clashed with a group of gunmen belonging to the Zetas, which killed four suspected
attackers, arrested four criminals and asserted various weapons.
The Secretary of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar) reported that in the
confrontation that ensued in the town Graciano Sanchez, San Carlos,
when the military carried out surveillance patrols, killing four assailants.
He said the confrontation began when the occupants of several trucks that circulated in convoy fired on the vehicles of the Navy, and tried to pass them without regard to the instructions of the naval personnel who were scored high.To repel the attack killed four suspected gunmen, who have not been identified.They were also arrested Merloz Néstor Francisco Leyva, alias "Mali" is Abigail Alfonso García, alias "Panza", both of 20 years, and John Stuart Cordoba 33, the three originating in Guatemala.He was also arrested Luis Cervantes Arturo Lagunes, alias Kaka '20-
year-old native of Veracruz, who are said four trucks, 14 AK-47 rifles, 112 magazines and three thousand 3,621 cartridges of different calibers.
You can disagree with Arizona's new law and think that local law enforcement doesn't have a stake in finding out who these people are. Then you are a bleeding heart liberal and out of your freaking mind. Anyone who thinks this law doesn't benefit the entire NATION is sadly mistaken.