Friday, May 28, 2010

En cinco meses, van más ejecuciones que en 2009
Guerra entre cárteles y el aumento de consumidores de droga influyen en las cifras, según el balance de la Procuraduría de Justicia.
In the metropolis are 40 crimes of this type and the rest of thestate 83
In five months, are more executions in 2009
War between cartels and the increase of drug influence on the
figures, according to the balance of the Attorney General. 27.05.2010 • The Issue
Experts working at the scene of an execution committed this year.
"There's a war brewing within the cartels, admitted yesterday the
attorney general of the entity. Photo: Tonatiuh Figueroa
So far this year have occurred in Jalisco 96 cases of executions
linked to organized crime, which already exceeded that of all of last year: 84.
According to the attorney general of Jalisco, Tomas Coronado Olmos, dependent numbers are based on the slopes of the bodies found and the research carried out in the area of murder. During 2010, there have been 123 victims of these 96 "events": 40 bodies in the Guadalajara metropolitan area and 83 municipalities in the rest of the state, informed the Attorney General (PGJEJ).In contrast, during 2009 were 84 "events" and executions, although the PGJEJ not say the death toll on them, the Social Communication Office did admit last night that 2010 and broke the record.
Coronado's attorney said that everything is because "there is a war that is brewing within the groups, cartels, which has incurred the executions that are related to organized crime, mainly from the sale and distribution of drugs," without leaving the fight they hold opposing groups.Coronado figures homicide Olmos are linked to organized crime, other violent deaths are linked to personal problems, gangs and passion, among others.
Although the number of digits is less than in other states of
Chihuahua, where the number of executions for drug trafficking on
Tuesday reached one thousand, "Coronado did not specify the status of these investigations.Dependence data show that in the above crimes have found signs of torture, the coup de grace, narcomensajes and other characteristics
of executions by the settling of scores between rival criminal gangs.
The numbers of executions would increase as well, because consumers
would have increased. Versions of the armed forces indicate that
higher consumption to register, there are more sellers, and they
compete for points of sale or delivery do not make money from selling
drugs to their employers, leading to armed conflict.
Until the court last April there were 146 homicides in total, according to the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.According to information from the federal government itself, the first three years of the "war" against organized crime have died more than 22 thousand people, eight in ten people, according to a survey by the American firm Harris Interactive, believe that the drug will
win (Public, May 20, 2010).
2010 in the state
40 executed in the ZMG.
83 in other municipalities.