Saturday, July 10, 2010

To whomever Reality Check may be: Thank you very much for reposting the below article, I appreciate your kind words. However I would like to point out a couple of error's.
Quayle attack from a Vernon Parker Activist
Did any of you see this blog today? Self proclaimed “New Media/Blogger, Political Activist, and Sexy Young Senior”, Barbara Espinosa has fired the first shot across the bough in the CD 3 race. In today’s blog she wisely points out that even given Quayle’s vast campaign war chest, it’s not pulling him away from the pack.
1. I am not an activist for Vernon Parker, I am a supporter for him to be the congressman for Arizona's District 3. I can't vote for Vernon Parker I don't live in District 3, I can however support him with my time, voice and financially which I am doing. Because I adamantly believe in a Two man race and 1 very RICH well connected candidate, he is the Grown Up to represent Arizona. You need to be analytical about the candidate's qualifications.
A. Jim Waring A State Senator who has walked his district for 8 years already has ads on T.V. with a good conservative voting record. There is nothing negative I can say about Jim he is a very nice family man who has been a hard working State Senator. His voting record is conservative however the entire time he has been a Senator the state has been in a turmoil over illegal immigration, budget deficits, poor education statistics, Jim can't be blamed for it, but we need someone that is not getting a promotion based on it's the next rung on the ladder.
B. Vernon Parker The former Mayor of Paradise Valley, taxes were reduced during his tenure, founded his own law firm and small business and has been responsible for a budget both in the private sector and as Mayor. His career started as a financial analyst for Rockwell International. Appointed by President Bush and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate as Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture. Served as a Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush in the White House. Was General Counsel of a major federal agency.
With the direction the county is headed we need someone who has the savvy, grit and determination to stand up for Arizona and America. Vernon Parker has those qualities, he has overcome tremendous odds for everything he has accomplished.
C. Ben Quayle Born in Indiana with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, graduated from the very best schools on the east coast, is 33 years old has never voted in a local election or participated in Arizona politics. He graduated Law School in 2002 and his first employment was in California in 2004. Has a total of 5 years 1 month years work experience outside the family business. He moved back to Arizona in 2007 and purchased a house in District 3 in November 2009.
Father is a former Vice President and is campaigning, pulling strings and raising funds for his son. Already with 82.9% of his war chest from out state money the next fundraiser will be at the Lincoln Newport Beach, CA. So a bunch of Orange County conservatives paying $500 per plate or $1000 for dinner with...wait for it...DAN Quayle. who do you think will be in attendance?
With over $500,000.00, a presidential run campaign, free townhall breakfasts, a staff of Cecil B. de Mille proportions, slick campaign web site and literature he's only 6% points ahead in the polls. Money can't buy Love and Elections shouldn't be bought or won based on your family tree.
I'm going to take candidate B " VERNON PARKER" to represent me, I want someone that will stand up for our principals and his. I believe that accomplishments and life experience count. BE
2. I won't address the self proclaimed, I would be compelled to list Classes, Certifications, Press Passes etc. and that seems so braggadocios. BE