Monday, September 5, 2022

Citizens for Sanity in America Via Sky News Australia

A group calling itself "Citizens for Sanity" has released a powerful ad on the devastating impact woke leftist politicians have had on so many of America's big cities, Sky News host Rita Panahi says.

Ms Panahi said the group has "vowed to return common sense to America and highlight the importance of logic and reason". "It's high time that far left ideologues faced the consequences of their ruinous policies – bring on the midterms," she said.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Affidavit to Search Fmr. President Trump's Home Mar-a-Lago

Govuscourtsflsd6178541021 "President Trump has consistently said that all of these things were declassified at the time that he moved all of this to Mar-a-Lago." 
Editor at Daily Caller Vince Coglianese @VinceCoglianese In the affidavit, the Justice Department acknowledged that Trump’s lawyers and former officials pointed to his “absolute authority to declassify documents” as president. If the DOJ explains why they ignored that point, their rationale is completely redacted.
Fmr. President Trump FBI Af... by Barbara Espinosa

Sunday, August 21, 2022

President Trump's Deleted January 6 2021 Tweet

 This message has been deleted to keep the public from seeing it. 

Would appreciate if ALL who view would forward it on. Thanks, be