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NON-Citizens Can Legally Vote in Arizona!

ARIZONA, Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division
Proof of Citizenship Requirements

“A person is not required to submit proof of citizenship with the voter registration form, but failure to do so means the person will only be eligible to vote in federal elections (known as being a “federal only” voter). A “federal only” voter will become eligible to vote a “full ballot” in all federal, state, county and local elections if he or she later provides valid proof of citizenship to the appropriate County Recorder’s office.”

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


One of the most obvious and enduring impacts of immigration occurs through immigrants' children. Long after immigrants pass on, their descendants will continue to shape the political, economic, and cultural life in the receiving society. 
Table: Births to Natives and Immigrants by Legal Status
Examining births to immigrants is thus a way of measuring the scale of immigration and its impact on the United States. Because the United States automatically awards citizenship to all persons born in the country, including those born to temporary visitors or illegal immigrants, the overwhelming majority of these children will stay in the United States.

Illegal aliens can obtain welfare benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps on behalf of their U.S.-born children. Many of the welfare costs associated with illegal immigration, therefore, are due to the Executive Branch’s current interpretation of the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause.

Currently, 71% of illegal-alien headed households with children make use of at least one major welfare program.

• U.S.-born children of illegal aliens are entitled to American public schools, health care, and more, even though illegal-alien households rarely pay taxes.

• In 1994, 74,987 anchor babies in California hospital maternity units cost $215 million and constituted 36 percent of all Medi-Cal [California’s Medicaid program] births. Now [2005] they account for substantially more than half.

President Trump Illegal aliens will NO Longer get a Free pass into our country

President Donald J. Trump Is Upholding the Rule of Law and Ensuring Consequences for Those Who Illegally Cross Our Border
Issued on: November 9, 2018
·       Illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass into our country by lodging meritless claims in seeking asylum. Instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry.
·       President Donald J. Trump
·       PROTECTING OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY: President Donald J. Trump is taking action to ensure asylum is not a free pass to cross our borders illegally without consequence.
  • President Trump is using the authority granted to him by the Immigration and Nationality Act to manage and protect the integrity of our immigration system and our national sovereignty.
·       Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states plainly: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
·       Section 215(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act similarly states: “Unless otherwise ordered by the President, it shall be unlawful for any alien to depart from or enter or attempt to depart from or enter the United States except under such reasonable rules, regulations, and orders, and subject to such limitations and exceptions as the President may prescribe.”
·       Just this June, the Supreme Court upheld the President’s broad statutory authority to implement entry restrictions.
  • President Trump is signing a proclamation declaring that migrants seeking asylum along the southern border must present themselves lawfully at a port of entry.
  • Those who arrive at a port of entry will remain eligible for asylum.
    • Also, additional resources are being deployed to support our ports of entry.

READ Presidential Proclamation Addressing Mass Migration: Doesn't Seem TO BE Working

The President is being tested the migrants are now at the California border, attempting to climb over the fence. 
Mexico Migrants Caravan immigration
The first wave of migrants from the Central American caravan began climbing fences after arriving at the U.S. border.
TIJUANA, Mexico — Hundreds of migrants in the caravan traveling from Central America have begun arriving in the northern Mexico border city of Tijuana, setting up a potential confrontation with the American authorities that has been brewing for weeks.Mexican federal authorities at the ports of entry in Tijuana are now allowing migrants from the Central American caravan into the U.S. so they can begin asylum requests.
Issued on: November 9, 2018
The United States expects the arrival at the border between the United States and Mexico (southern border) of a substantial number of aliens primarily from Central America who appear to have no lawful basis for admission into our country.  They are traveling in large, organized groups through Mexico and reportedly intend to enter the United States unlawfully or without proper documentation and to seek asylum, despite the fact that, based on past experience, a significant majority will not be eligible for or be granted that benefit.  Many entered Mexico unlawfully — some with violence — and have rejected opportunities to apply for asylum and benefits in Mexico.  The arrival of large numbers of aliens will contribute to the overloading of our immigration and asylum system and to the release of thousands of aliens into the interior of the United States.  The continuing and threatened mass migration of aliens with no basis for admission into the United States through our southern border has precipitated a crisis and undermines the integrity of our borders.  I therefore must take immediate action to protect the national interest, and to maintain the effectiveness of the asylum system for legitimate asylum seekers who demonstrate that they have fled persecution and warrant the many special benefits associated with asylum.
In recent weeks, an average of approximately 2,000 inadmissible aliens have entered each day at our southern border. 


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states the following:

The term “nationalism” is generally used to describe two phenomena: (1) the attitude that the members of a nation have when they care about their national identity, and (2) the actions that the members of a nation take when seeking to achieve (or sustain) self-determination. 
Nationalism is a political, social, and economic system characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining sovereignty (self-governance) over the homeland. The political ideology of nationalism holds that a nation should govern itself, free from outside interference and is linked to the concept of self-determination. Nationalism is further oriented towards developing and maintaining a single national identity based on shared, social characteristics, such as culture and languagereligion and politics, and a belief in a shared and singular history.[1][2] Nationalism, therefore, seeks to build a national cultural identity, by way of pride in national achievements, and is closely linked to patriotism, which, in some cases, includes the belief that the nation should control the country's government and the means of production.[3]
Historically, nationalism is a modern concept dating from the 18th century, of an ideological scope greater than a peoples' attachment to family, to local authority, and to the native land.[4] Politically and sociologically, there are three paradigms for understanding the origins and bases of nationalism. The first paradigm is primordialism (perennialism), which proposes nationalism as a natural phenomenon, that nations have always existed. The second paradigm is ethnosymbolism, a complex, historical perspective, which explains nationalism as a dynamic, evolutionary phenomenon imbued with historical meaning, by way of the nation's subjective ties to national symbols. The third paradigm is modernism, which proposes that nationalism is a recent social phenomenon that requires the socio-economic structures of modern society to exist.[5]
There are various definitions for what constitutes a nation, however, which leads to several different strands of nationalism. It can be a belief that citizenship in a state should be limited to one ethnic, cultural, religious, or identity group, or that multinationality in a single state should necessarily comprise the right to express and exercise national identity even by minorities.[6] The adoption of national identity in terms of historical development has commonly been the result of a response by influential groups unsatisfied with traditional identities due to inconsistency between their defined social order and the experience of that social order by its members, resulting in a situation of anomie that nationalists seek to resolve.[7] This anomie results in a society or societies reinterpreting identity, retaining elements that are deemed acceptable and removing elements deemed unacceptable, to create a unified community.[7] This development may be the result of internal structural issues or the result of resentment by an existing group or groups towards other communities, especially foreign powers that are or are deemed to be controlling them.[7] National symbols and flagsnational anthemsnational languagesnational myths and other symbols of national identity are highly important in nationalism.[8][9][10][11]
In practice nationalism can be seen as positive or negative depending on context and individual perspective. Nationalism has been an important driver in independence movements around the world, such as the Greek Revolution, the Zionist movement that created modern Israel, and the Irish Revolution. It also was a key factor in the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. More recently, nationalism became an important driver of the controversial annexation of Crimea by Russia.
The word nation was used before 1800 in Europe to refer to the inhabitants of a country as well as to collective identities that could include shared history, law, language, political rights, religion and traditions, in a sense more akin to the modern conception.[12]Nationalism is a newer word; in English the term dates from 1844, although the concept is older.[13] It became important in the 19th century.[14] The term increasingly became negative in its connotations after 1914. Glenda Sluga notes that "The twentieth century, a time of profound disillusionment with nationalism, was also the great age of globalism."[15]

Tax Hike Plan Released by Democrats

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden are pictured. | John Shinkle/POLITICOThis week, Congressional Democrats released a detailed tax hike plan that they promised to implement if given majority control of the House and Senate after the 2018 midterm elections. So much for the crocodile tears about the deficit--Democrats want to raise taxes not to reduce the debt, but rather to spend that tax hike money on boondoggle projects.
As you might expect, hold onto your wallets. Here are the details:
Increase the top marginal income tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent. This nearly 3 percentage point increase in the top personal rate is not only a hike in the top bracket levy, but it's also a direct tax increase on small and mid-sized businesses. The 30 million companies which are organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships, Subchapter-S corporations, and LLCs pay their business taxes on their owners' 1040 personal tax returns. Hiking the top tax rate is a small business tax increase.
Increasing personal income taxes would be particularly unfortunate since workers are now seeing the results of lower rates in their paychecks. Thanks to the new IRS withholding tables, in February of this year over 90 percent of workers saw higher take home pay in the form of fatter direct deposits (for a humorous spectacle of the New York Times desperately trying to get people to down-talk their bigger paychecks, click here). They will continue to see those bigger paydays for as long as the tax rates in law remain in effect. This higher tax home pay is a down payment on a lower tax liability. Typical families of four should see their federal income tax decline from $2000 to $4000, depending on their income level and number of children.
Increase the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent. Up until this year, the United States labored under the highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world. As a result, jobs and capital were fleeing America for more normal tax rates that could be found in tax havens like France and China (saracasm font very much activated). Finally, after many years of bipartisan consensus that the U.S. corporate rate had become an impediment to attracting new jobs and investment, Congress cut the rate all the way from 35 to 21 percent. Even doing that only puts us in the middle of the pack of developed nations, but that's a heck of a lot better than dead last. Read More at:Forbes

With Guns..We Are "Citizens". Without Them. Are Subjects"

Just a little reminder for those of us with short memories...
BE Locked and Loaded
We must remember why we fought WW2, and all the others...
A Little Gun History Lesson

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. >From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated
China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million 'educated' people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.
It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in:
Australia-wide, homicides are up 3.2 percent
Australia-wide, assaults are up 8.6 percent
Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent. Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns!
It will never happen here? I bet the Aussies said that too!
While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.
There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the ELDERLY. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in successfully ridding Australian society of guns. The Australian experience and the other historical facts above prove it.
You won't see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

Take note my fellow Americans, before it's too late!

The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind him of this history lesson.

During W.W.II the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED !

Note: Admiral Yamamoto who crafted the attack on Pearl Harbor had attended Harvard U 1919-1921 & was Naval Attaché to the U. S. 1925-28. Most of our Navy was destroyed at Pearl Harbor & our Army had been deprived of funding & was ill prepared to defend the country.

It was reported that when asked why Japan did not follow up the Pearl Harbor attack with an invasion of the U. S. Mainland, his reply was that he had lived in the U. S. & knew that almost all households had guns.
If you value your freedom, Please spread this anti-gun control message to all your friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Arizona US Congressman Biggs' Statement on Right to Try Developments

November 13, 2018
WASHINGTON, D.C. – This month, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. announced he plans to strengthen the FDA’s expanded access program, including efforts to implement Right to Try legislation that was signed into law earlier this year. Congressman Biggs, a leading sponsor of the Right to Try bill, released the following statement:
“I applaud Commissioner Gottlieb and the FDA for their diligence in swiftly implementing Right to Try. This policy will give hope to countless of patients facing terminal illnesses around the country. It was an honor to play a small role in passing this legislation earlier this year, and I look forward to seeing the FDA’s continued work to give Americans the right to try.”
For more information about the FDA’s latest efforts to implement Right to Try, please visit this new website.

Congressman Andy Biggs is a first-term Representative from Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, representing parts of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Queen Creek. Congressman Biggs is a member of the House Judiciary and Science, Space, and Technology committees, and is the chairman of the Environment Subcommittee. 

Monday, November 12, 2018


Good morning for what it's worth. I am livid...RIGHTEOUS ANGER!! ANYONE WHO VOTED DEMOCRAT IN THESE MID TERMS IS AIDING US BEING A COMMUNIST NATION!! SHAME ON EVERY CHRISTIAN WHO VOTED DEMOCRAT! This is no longer a nation I wish to live in. This is not how our Founding Fathers devised our Constitution, or set up voting, so that crooks can challenge. We are an UNCIVIL, unlawful, unGodly nation of Communists from Antifa, to Black Lives Matter, and all these other groups, now with elected Democratic Islamic's in our House. THIS IS NOT MY AMERICA, MY ANCESTOR AS A MAJOR FOUGHT IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR FOR AT THE VERY TIME THE
GREAT AWAKENING AND GEORGE WHITEFIELD WAS TAKING PLACE. NO one reads, no one cares, and many do not even understand what is at stake. I'm almost 80, and I fought and fought on Facebook, and most of all Twitter for the past 4 years, especially this past year. For what? I'm angry, fed up, and I can't believe Christians, who DEFY the word of God for freebies, and Communism. It didn't work since 1917 and the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia, China, N. Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Cuba, or Venezuela! Instead we now have caravans coming to America, to help implement Communism with the Democrats, that collapsed their own countries. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY? Did you not have history lessons on the Cold War? I'm a child of
WWII, I remember my mama getting letters from Germany and relatives in fear. The German people were lied to...AND the DEMOCRATIC AMERICAN people are being lied to. WAKE UP!! I don't care if everyone reading this hates me. Read Ayn Rand. She was a child of the Bolshevik Revolution when Czar Nicholas was murdered in Russia, and his wife and 5 children killed too. She saw the Revolutionaries (just like Antifa!!) smash her father's business at only 10 years old. She came to America and NYC at only 16 to write..She was a genius. Read her book on Capitalism, or Atlas Shrugged. You take away guns, and religion, and THAT is what Europe and Russia, Cuba and Venezuela did. Communism! I make no apologies for this. LOOK at the headlines below. Yes, as Ed preached yesterday, we have choices. I have 254 blog posts 2 published books at Historical along with my long ancestry, 22 years of writing, and every Biblical lesson, I ever learned and relevant History including the Constitution, Give Me Liberty or Give me Death's whole letter, (Patrick Henry). No one reads, and I see flippant Christians on Social media, I'd like to shake! Women who don't understand and hate politics or haven't a brain in their head! YES I am ANGRY! Righteous anger... And when I am in the ground, which at this point I hope soon, remember, "I told you so!" JUST because we are in the End Time prophecies, WHERE does it say in the Bible we are to be complacent and hand everything over to the devil? I quit! For obviously that is how everyone in NH and America wants it. God help us. No more emails from me or posts on here..we are sinking fast, but, I no longer can rail on deaf illiterate ears. Christian women especially, will stand on that judgement seat and have a lot to answer for. I'm tired. Most of all I am fed up. The devil is winning America!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Today We Remember and Honor the Veterans Who Have Served

Image result for veterans day 2018Veterans Day, a U.S. federal holiday, is a time to honor and thank those who are serving or have served in the military and are still with us.

Originally called Armistice Day, commemorating the signing of the agreement that ended World War I at 11:00 A.M., November 11, 1918, this federal holiday was changed to Veterans Day in 1954. At that time, it became a day to honor all the men and women who have served in the armed forces of the United States. Each year, special ceremonies are held at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Note that Veterans Day is different than Memorial Day, which is a day to reflect and remember those who lost their lives in service to their country.