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Phony Post: Written by BP Oil Executive Brice Cromwell

The below post did not originate with a BP oil executive named Brice Cromwell. In fact, BP’s leadership team does not include anyone by this name and as far as we can tell this person does not exist.

A spokesperson for BP told us via email: “We can confirm we do not currently have an employee with that name and this text did not come from BP.”

So where does this text come from?

One common tactic of political propagandists is to attach a seemingly credible or authoritative person (in this case a “BP Oil Executive” named “Brice Cromwell”) to a piece of text in order to give the opinion in that text the appearance of legitimacy. This deceptive strategy is often used in misattributed Facebook post (in October 2021, for example, a quote about guns was falsely attributed to actor Clint Eastwood), as well as doctored images of T-shirts bearing political messages.

The “Brice Cromwell” commentary can be traced back to March 2022 when it was circulated in anti-Biden Facebook groups, such as “Stop Joe Biden.” At the time, the post did not carry any specific attribution. Rather, it simply started with the words “PERFECTLY SAID” and then the claim that it was written by a person who had “been in oil and gas for a decade.” A few months later, in June 2022, the post was recirculated along with the claim that it was written a BP oil executive named Brice Cromwell.

The members of BP’s leadership team can be viewed on the corporate website. This list does not include anyone by the name of Cromwell.

  Written by BP Oil Executive

  Brice Cromwell.

  This explains it all:

I’ve been in oil and gas for a decade and sometimes forget how the average person may not know what I see everyday. 

We, the American people, have enough oil and gas under our feet to supply our demand and also export our products for years to come.

No matter your political opinion, we can all agree the gas prices we see now are upsetting. 

What everyone needs to understand is that the high gas prices are not because of some conflict overseas - prices were high well before that. The prices are not high because our American supply simply vanished. 

The prices are high because the people who run our country have decided to import oil from another country instead of using our very own American made product. 


Using our own product creates lower prices, puts hard working American people to work with very good paying jobs and makes us as a country energy independent - Not dependent on another country to survive. 

We all saw that not long ago. 

Not only have the people in power decided to kill American jobs and create high prices, but they’ve also passed legislation to make it harder for an American oil and gas company to produce & transport  our very own product.


Forget for one second who was President when our prices at the pump were low and our economy was booming and realize that that person was simply “For the people”. If you take away your dislike for DJT, you’ll admit that you miss those times and enjoyed them. Your 401K was higher, gas prices were lower and we were booming as a country. 

Now after a year of our current admin, you’ll realize that these people are “not for the people”. They are for themselves and their foreign business deals.

The high gas prices should be enough for you to see that. 

The supply is still here, the hard-working Americans to produce it are still here. 

Having a booming economy is still possible. 

So no matter what you’re told by the news, realize that if we had people in power who were for us Americans, it could be as good it was before. 

Nothing has changed as far as oil and gas from 2016-2020 to the last year. 

It didn’t just dry up. 

It’s here, we are here to produce it. 

We can go back to lower prices at the pump.

All we need is the people in power to want that. 

Lastly, since we all got to witness someone running our country for four years who truly wanted the best “for the people” as we can clearly see the “then & now” comparison as we speak. Remember every media outlet and political person wanted you to hate him, wanted to impeach him and did everything they could do be against him. 

They were against the man who wanted things to be good for US, the American people.

Those same people are not against the current leadership. 

Makes you wonder who’s side they’re all on….

BP Oil Executive 

Brice Cromwell

This is a good read and the truth for a change.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Dems Say They Want Semiconductors Made in USA but Push Bill to Effectively Ban Their Production Here

 By:Lori Klein

In the wake of supply chain vulnerabilities exposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has undertaken a broad effort to repatriate its semiconductor manufacturing. Spearheaded by the passage of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act in June 2021, the Biden administration plans to spend $52 billion to shore up this critical supply chain.

Unfortunately, all of this effort and taxpayer funding may be for naught if progressives in Congress and regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency are successful in pushing a wholesale ban on PFAS chemicals.

Involved in everything from producing semiconductors to helping cool data centers, PFAS chemicals have become increasingly important as chips are built to provide faster speeds at smaller sizes. Banning them would only exacerbate the current chip shortage and boost costs even higher for consumers already feeling inflationary price pressures.

Driving the narrative to ban PFAS chemicals have been environmentalists, the media and trial lawyers. But the fact of the matter is that PFAS contamination is in no way the most pressing issue impacting U.S. waterways and supplies.

Recent environmental impact reports have shown that bodies of water contain only trace amounts of PFAS and that they have been steadily declining due to changes made by manufacturers over the past 20 years. In fact, the EPA lists industry and agricultural, human and animal waste, treatment and distribution, and natural sources as the most common sources of drinking water contaminants and does not even mention PFAS on its primary list.

The PFAS Action Act, a bill Congress is considering that would ban these chemicals, further fails to recognize the unique chemical makeup and uses of individual PFAS compounds.

There are nearly 5,000 different types of PFAS, according to the Food and Drug Administration, and the majority have not been deemed harmful. Still, elected officials and regulators continue to insist on lumping all PFAS substances together. To eliminate an entire large complex group of chemicals because of only a few known outliers would be a disastrous drain of money and resources.

The negative effect of a PFAS ban on our military and national security, which rely upon a steady supply of semiconductors to field advanced weapons systems, is also concerning.

The U.S. has become increasingly reliant upon Asian suppliers such as Taiwan and South Korea for its semiconductors. As China becomes more overt in its attempts to take over Taiwan and conflict becomes more likely, this usurpation of a critical semiconductor supplier would pose a serious national security risk to the U.S. The fact of the matter is we cannot afford to allow such a critical component of our national defense to fall into the hands of hostile foreign actors and must take steps here at home to make sure that does not happen.

Furthermore, while the U.S. may ban PFAS, this will not stop other countries from continuing to use them in their manufacturing processes. This would in effect result in unilateral economic disarmament with a negative economic impact that would be felt in sectors of the economy far beyond just high technology.

In Arizona, which has become ground zero for the semiconductor repatriation effort, two new plants are currently under construction.

Thousands of good-paying jobs will be created, all while bolstering our domestic chip-making capabilities and boosting our economy, both nationally and locally. One real estate firm has noted that these facilities are “changing the employment landscape in Phoenix.” As a result, it has acquired a 30-acre site near the North Phoenix chip manufacturing facility under construction to build a mixed-use project that will feature apartments and 35,000 square feet of retail.

Such impactful secondary economic effects in local communities will all be lost if PFAS laws under consideration in effect ban domestic semiconductor manufacturing.

It is curious that, on one hand, the Biden administration claims to support repatriating critical chip manufacturing and boosting our energy independence, while the EPA is at the same time regulating such industries to their death.

Reprinted from: Western Journal 

Permission of: Lori Klein

Lori Klein is a former Arizona state senator. During her time in office, she served as chair of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health Care.

Illegal Ballot Harvesting 2020 Election In Arizona


Thursday, April 21, 2022

What’s UP with AZGOP/Republican Party of Arizona Episode 8 MANY MANY MORE QUESTIONS


CORRECTION: Sheila Muehling, AZGOP treasurer: “I have to make a correction. We deposited $790, 882.61. That was after realtor and sale fees. It was not $890,000. Editor’s Note: Muehling is referring to a 4-18-22 Briefs posting regarding the sale of the AZGOP headquarters. Muehling’s rapid response to reader’s questions/concerns is greatly appreciated. – ft

Correction to Correction: According Finance Report $$789,593.13 was received

Question are they wrong? According to two (2) CPA’S the sales price of $850,000.00 should have been shown on report as a sold asset and of cost of sale shown as an expenditure.

Considering all the questions readers have regarding the AZGOP Headquarters 4-15-22 Briefs Briefs asked AZGOP Executive Treasurer Sheila Muehling this past weekend for:

1.     copy of the purchase contract for the old AGOP building on 24th St.

2.     the cost of the lease for the new location.

Muehling quickly responded: “I am sorry but I do not have a copy of the purchase contract with the buyer of the 24th Street address. I never asked for it and saw no reason to.

Question?  Shouldn’t an elected treasurer have COPY ALL DOCUMENTS pertaining to finances?

We sold the building for $100,000.00 more than the appraised value. The contract required nothing in the way of improvements as a condition of the sale of the property. It was sold as is. I wish people would use their heads and think about what we were dealing with by keeping the property. Here are just a few of the issues.

1.     The sewer system was completely crushed under the building from age. It had been showing issues by backed up toilets for several years but no one, not (former Chairs Robert) Graham and (Jonathan) Lines or (current chair Kelli) Ward in her first two years paid any attention to why the plumbing issues were there.

2.     As a building contractor, I gave an in-depth review of the condition of the building including plumbing, asbestos, roof issues, mold issues, electrical issues, security issues as it relates to the Internet and Wi-Fi connections. That was in the first quarter of Ward’s first term. No one wanted to address the issues. Everyone was ok if I, as a contractor, wanted to donate the upgrades but putting money into the building was never something anyone wanted to consider. When I asked Lines about getting his roofing company in to update the roof system he said he would but never did anything.

Question? As a reputable contractor I’m sure that is was obvious that the condition of building was from many, many years of neglect?

3.     The 24th Street building became a magnet for the homeless and drug pushers. Ward approved numerous cleanup efforts and we asked Phoenix PD to patrol the area both in the daytime and at night. That never happened. They told us to post signs saying private property.

4.     Employees, GOP PC’s and our constituents did not want to go to the building during the day because of homeless people approaching them. Every morning our receptionist Felecia had to pass by a sleeping woman on the bench at the front door. The day time was not great but the nighttime was very dangerous. I personally would never go down to the building by myself after dark. You couldn’t leave the building without more than one person towards the end of our ownership.

5.     The last straw was finding asbestos in the drywall, ceiling and flooring. When we had to open the wall due to the flooding of the toilet we were advised that people working in the building were being exposed to a dangerous level of asbestos.

Leadership looked at remodeling and adding a second story to allow for more meeting space. That was doable but we had two major issues:

1.     Cost to build up because we could not expand the footprint was astronomical. With the plumbing and asbestos issues, we would have had to gut the building and start over.

2.     With the additional space we had to also add additional parking. There was nowhere to get the property to create the parking the city would have required.

All of the above and many other related issues left us with no choice. Sell the building, rent an office to get through the next two to three years and buy or build a new office closer to the state capital.

Question? Why close to Capital that location is not any safer than 24th St. If the goal was to be closer to Capital why rent space in far North Scottsdale? Why Not Camelback Corridor or Central?

 This was our long-term goal. With that goal in mind, we put the $890,000 into a protected account and started looking at a plan to raise funds and invest in the future. That was the unanimous vote of the members of the Executive Board.

A bylaw was passed at the annual meeting prohibiting this money from being used for anything but investment in a new headquarters for the AZGOP.

Question: I’ve read Bylaws four (4) times and haven’t been able to locate a Bylaw being passed. Could it have been a resolution? Where would be a copy of said document?

On your second question, we pay $4803.79 a month which includes all utilities except our COX expenses.”

Question: What is square footage of new space? How much per square foot?

What's UP With AZGOP/Republican Party of Arizona Episode 7 SKINNEY ON SALE OF ASSET

 LET'S TALK SKINNEY ON SALE OF ASSET --3501 N. 24th St Phoenix

Listed by Realty Executives

Sold by HomeSmart

The property was listed on October 07, 2021

$850,000.00 Three (3) percent commission offered to selling agent

Realty Executives:  Agent: Richard Padelford

Property entered to a contract on December 08 2021

Home Smart: Selling Agent: Daniel Feld

Sales Price $850,000.00

Buyer A & M Medical Investments LLC

7005 N 68th Place

Paradise Valley Arizona

Buyer is currently seeking a construction loan.

What's UP With AZGOP/Republican Party of Arizona Episode 6 MONEY 1


I’ll start with Arizona Secretary of State Finance Report

1.       Why are out of state vendors used for services, instead of using Arizona vendors?

2.     Why was an out of state Davillier Law Group 935 Gravier St, New Orleans, LA 70112 used for legal services and paid $41,075.55? Doesn’t Arizona have some very fine legal firms?  

3.     Shouldn’t sale of asset show full sale price not net funds received of $789,593.13 and expenditures as cost of sale, i.e. Title companies settlement statement?

4.      Per the resolutions proposed by Yvonne Cahill has the funds for sale of 3501 N 24th st. been deposited into an escrow account at a Bank or Brokerage House?

AZGOP Republican Party of A... by Barbara Espinosa

Proposed the same questions as above to AZGOP/Arizona Republican Party/Republican Party of Arizona, as of this posting time HAVE NOT received a response.

From: Barbara

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2022 2:48 PM

To: ; Klein Lori ; ;

Subject: Questions

YES! Kelli I have called the office and got a recording each time. No I did not leave a message.

This is for and will be posted by midnight on 4-21-22

I’ll start with Arizona Secretary of State Finance Report


1.       Why are out of state vendors used for services, instead of using Arizona vendors?


2.     Why was an out of state Davillier Law Group 935 Gravier St, New Orleans, LA 70112 used for legal services and paid $41,075.55? Doesn’t Arizona have some very fine legal firms?


3.     Shouldn’t sale of asset show full sale price not net funds received of $789,593.13 and expenditures as cost of sale, i.e. Title companies settlement statement?

4.  Per the resolutions proposed by Yvonne Cahill has the funds for sale of 3501 N 24th st. been deposited into an escrow account at a Bank or Brokerage House?

Barbara L. Espinosa
"Action Is Character"
American Freedom by Barbara


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What's UP with the AZGOP/Republican Party of Arizona Episode 5

 The Arizona Republican party is now the Republican Party of Arizona, question is that Considered a new party and would they be required to follow rules stated in 16-801

16-801 - Representation of ... by Barbara Espinosa

Stayed Tuned for EPISODE 6