Friday, September 4, 2015

Trump by Dick Morris

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"Trump resides in the no man’s land between what is politically correct and what we know is true. We know that immigrants coming into this country illegally are committing a vast proportion of our crime. But it took Trump to say it. Voters have long realized that China has outfoxed and out negotiated us, stealing our jobs and pilfering our industrial innovations. Trump tells it like it is.
"Trump is as sure-footed in public as any political candidate has ever been. He’s a bit like Ronald Reagan, whose experience speaking for General Electric equipped him to advocate the unconventional and make it stick.
"And Trump, a New Yorker, is at home with racial, gender and ethnic diversity. He knows the line between the unconventional and the bigoted and won’t cross it. He knows a land mine when he sees it. Those who hope that he will self-destruct might be in for a shock." -- Dick Morris

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