Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kim Davis Rowan County Clerk Doesn’t Belong in Jail She Belongs in the Unemployment Line

God didn’t hire Kim Davis Rowan County did and her job description didn’t include bringing her bible or religious beliefs to work.

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She was hired to issue marriage license and follow the law and if she didn’t want to do that she should quit.
At least three same-sex couples will spend the weekend planning weddings after finally receiving the marriage licenses they asked for months ago but were denied because Davis believes gay marriage is a sin.
The Rowan County Clerk's office issued the licenses to same-sex couples on Friday under threat of jail time or fines if they didn't comply with a federal judge's order. While the licenses were freely given, the drama surrounding the clerk does not appear to be ending anytime soon. Davis met with her attorneys in jail Friday and told them she would "never violate her conscience or betray her God."
If she truly believes the above statement she should see employments that agrees that her religious beliefs should take precedent over the law of the land.
It seems every time a business or person is asked to provide a service and they don’t agree, it goes against their religious belief. Its poppycock either you are in business or you are not.
If you’re hired to do a job do it and leave your beliefs at home. be

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