Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mark Levin Goes Off on Fox, Megyn Kelly over Debate: They Had ‘Ratings Agenda’ Video

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At about 10 minutes he plays the clip where Rosie O'Donnell reashes Trump and his family
that precipitaded his fat pig comment.
Published on Aug 7, 2015
Mark Levin said on his radio show today that he’s not “trashing” Fox News or Megyn Kelly for last night’s GOP debate, merely giving his take as someone “very serious about what’s going on in this country,” but it’s clear he was pretty frustrated, even angry, with how the whole thing turned out.

It drove Levin crazy that at a forum that was supposed to be about issues important to salvaging America’s future, the first hour was a “reality TV show” because of Fox’s “ratings agenda.”

He said there was a fundamental “unseriousness” and “disrespectfulness to candidates who deserved better” from the moderators, especially when it came to the question that really set him off: Kelly confronting Trump about nasty things he’s said about women.

Levin said of her question, “I’m getting tired of these lies and these attacks on Trump. I don’t like bullies.”

He played audio of Rosie O’Donnell mocking Trump and said there was crucial context to Trump’s “cherry-picked” remarks left out of the question.
Ted Cruz Rand Paul and Ben Carson were ignored most of the time. All the attention was on Scott Walker, of course he's a Koch puppet. walker ok but he's not my type of guy. it was also on Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. And it was also to affect Donald's image. This was a perfect chance for those non republican to see what's the real ideology of conservative
I believe Mr. Levin got this right.This had to be the most horrible run debate sponsored by FOX and FACEdata ive ever heard.
It's all about bringing Trump down, not focusing on important issues..just trashing him because of his past with women

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