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Cutting Trump some slack after Fox News Ambush By William Gheen President, (ALIPAC)

August 9, 2015
We are going to roll back our criticism of Donald Trump from last week when he was talking about expediting legal processes for illegal aliens because he has walked back his comments, our friends at NumbersUSA are tempering their concerns as well, and in deference both to what Mr. Trump has done to energize our issue of illegal immigration at this time and because of what he had to endure on Fox News last Thursday night.

Also, in truth, the Trump campaign is a real juggernaut right now, ascending rapidly and giving many people energized hope. The energy Donald Trump is bringing to important issues is helping our organization grow and helping us recruit candidates for Congress who oppose immigration reform amnesty. So we are going to continue to report on Presidential candidates, let everyone make their own mind up on those, and lead the focus where it needs to be on throwing more Eric Cantor style Republicans out of office in 2016!

Another thing Donald Trump has done for our movement to save America from the corporate sponsored illegal alien invasion and overthrow of our Republic is to cause local news agencies to now report more on illegal alien crimes. Trump's comments have invigorated that debate and we are picking up more reports like this recent one we circulated where an American hero saved another innocent American from being raped, assaulted, or killed by an illegal. (Click for video.)

What happened on the Fox News network Thursday night was unlike anything I've ever witnessed in politics and my decade long fight against illegal immigration. More people tuned in to view the first GOP debates than ever before with Fox News setting a new ratings record with 24 million people tuned in.

From the very start it became clear that the entire show was an ambush for Donald Trump designed to completely destroy his campaign! This ambush was so thorough and calculated that it could have only been planned and sanctioned by Newscorp/Fox News owner and legendary illegal alien amnesty supporter Rupert Murdoch himself! And Murdoch probably relied on his political manager, fellow amnesty supporter, and Bush family sycophant Karl Rove.

This picture of Jeb BushRupert Murdoch, and Valerie Jarrett getting all getting along like '3 amnesty backing peas in a pod' says a lot about where the problem at Fox News is!

They went for Trump's neck right away, asking him if he would support the eventual GOP nominee no matter who that was and Trump said no. While this answer did not go over well with the live audience that represented supporters of GOP and many of the other candidates on stage, many of the viewers at home were fine with this because if the GOP leadership and amnesty billionaires like Murdoch and Bloomberg think they can force people like me to chose between another Bush and Clinton, they are dead wrong. I'd never make a pledge to support Jeb Bush under any circumstances after the disaster America was made into by his open borders and amnesty supporting brother George W. Bush!

And then of course Megyn Kelly comes in for the kill and accuses Donald Trump of hating women. Trump's comment about Rosie O'Donnell was the high point of the debates and Trump told the solid truth that none of the candidates on stage would even be talking about illegal immigration if it were not for him!

At the end of the debate, the broadcast ran over and was cut short so that many viewers did not even get to see Trump's closing arguments, and then they roll out a fake panel of people claiming they had all turned on Trump along with Brit Hume and Charles Krauthammer pronouncing Trump had been vanquished in the debates.

I ran to my computers to see if others saw what I saw and I am so absolutely proud of what met my eyes on social media. The backlash against Fox News and Megyn Kelly was beyond profound! There was a complete and utter blood bath meltdown on the Facebook pages for Fox News and The Kelly File as people screamed out about how unfair and rigged the debate was.

This meme calling Megyn Kelly an assassin went viral!

At the same time on the Drudge Report, which is the world's most read conservative news website, an early poll showed that Donald Trump had dominated and won the debate with almost half of all the votes cast from half a million people! 

Near Midnight Eastern Time, there were 503,268 votes cast by the conservatives that pay the closest attention to news reports and politics in America who are trying their very best to not elect another illegal alien amnesty supporting failure like GW Bush and the results were: TRUMP 45.77% (230,346 votes), CRUZ 13.99% (70,389 votes), RUBIO 9.88% (49,742 votes), CARSON 8.79% (44,224 votes), PAUL 6.31% (31,739 votes), KASICH 4.88% (24,581 votes), WALKER 3.64% (18,337 votes), HUCKABEE 3.33% (16,782 votes), BUSH 2.12% (10,691 votes), CHRISTIE 1.28% (6,437 votes)!

That's right, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie lost the debates big time and the most notorious amnesty supporters were all 3 at the bottom of the vote totals with the exception of Marco Rubio whom we need to spend more time on warning voters about his support and passage of his Amnesty bill S. 744.

When most people were asked who lost the debate on social media, they said, "Fox News and Megyn Kelly"! And while I've known how bad Fox News has become over the last 5 years because I've been banned from the network for being effective in the fight against illegal immigration and amnesty when I can succeed at reaching large markets of viewers and listeners, America got another big wake up call this past week. See Vido Below
I believe these entertaining ladies summed up a lot of the sentiments expressed about what happened with Megyn Kelly! Leave Donald Trump Alone
In fact, I don't think that the arrogant people responsible for this Donald Trump ambush realize just how badly they have wounded the Fox News network, especially after they rolled out pollster Frank Luntz's "opinion panel" that stuck with the "hate Trump" line that has now been contradicted by large sample polling data!

Donald Trump rightfully pointed out what a disaster the last months of the GW Presidency were and that Bush left office as the most unpopular and despised exiting President in modern history and the main reason conservatives hated Bush was illegal immigration.

GW Bush left America's borders wide open after 9/11 to any terrorist that wanted to walk into America, his administration had completely stopped fining any businesses for hiring illegals by 2006, and then he went to town prosecuting our own Border Patrol agents like Ramos and Compean.

Mr. Trump understands what a 3rd rail is from the New York subway systems and supporting any form of amnesty or any plan that gives encouragement, hope, or help to illegal aliens will implode his campaign as we have watched such issues destroy Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich in 2012.

Another good reason for us to cut Donald Trump some slack on the comments he made that concerned us two weeks ago is he is saying to everyone he is going to deport all illegal immigrants.

I say we run with that and increase knowledge about that because many illegal aliens will start running for the borders on their own if they see Donald Trump leading the GOP primary by running on a campaign promise to deport them all to the other side of a serious border fence!

We are going to reach out to the Trump campaign with these messages and do our best to rally all of these people who are trying to get involved with the 2016 election cycle because of Donald Trump interested in our Eric Cantor List and the coming phases of our plan to throw Republicans who support Amnesty like Jeb Bush into the political gutters in 2016!

At we are ready and willing to fight against anyone that supports illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals to the very best of our abilities. 

We are so very proud of all of you that are fighting as hard and as best as you can to help turn things around in America.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

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