Sunday, July 12, 2015


I went with 3 friends to hear Trump, we were seated in the VIP section behind Trump and came away with a different point of view about “The Donald”. I'm in red, Carole next to me and Lois hid by the bald guy who kept getting in front of us and Joyce in lobby.
1.     Trump is smart graduated in 1968 from Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, with a degree in economics.
2.     He’s much better looking in person
3.     Has great body language and facial expressions
4.     Charismatic, charming, not brash as has been described but forthright
5.     Doesn’t get rattled
6.     No Teleprompter did have notes but mostly off the cuff. Not a politically correct speech, which was refreshing, but a conversation going from subject to subject and back again.
 7.    He his own brand, doesn't need RNC brand
 Full Speech: Donald Trump Brings Down The House In Phoenix, AZ (7-11-15) Knocks it out of ballpark-

Crowd was tremendous Phoenix convention center filled to capacity with people outside in 105 degree heat wanting to get in.

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