Sunday, July 19, 2015

AZ Senator John McCain Owes Apology for Calling Arizonans “CRAZIES” That attended Trump Rally in Phoenix

Donald Trump doesn’t owe McCain an apology, John McCain needs to apologize to Donald Trump and those he called crazies.
McCain extremely insulting to the thousands of people, many of whom happen to be his constituents, that came to listen to Donald Trump speak about illegal immigration and several other subjects.

I voted for McCain for President and senate, However I will never vote for him again.
 Does McCain’s “crazies” comment include the 18% of the voting public nationally that have propelled Donald Trump to number 1 in the polls?
What has John McCain done under his watch other than make our military bases "Gun Free" zones, cut funds to weaken ...our military and benefits for our veterans and then take away their weapons upon their return as if they are defective for serving their country. He has much to apologize for before Donald Trump should applaud his service to our country. I am sure that Donald Trump will Respect and support our veterans and get to the bottom of the corruption that still is prevalent at the VA. Our men and women deserve our gratitude and care but, this Administration and Congress gives more funding to those here illegally (180 Billion) and the hundreds of thousands that Obama is bringing here to our towns from war torn Jihadist countries that are not our friends who are also getting public assistance. We need to get our priorities straight. John McCain's service is very much appreciated. His disdain and immature name calling to those of us who have voted for him deserves an apology. NOW!
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