Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Donald Can't Decide If He's A Republican -Democrat or Independent

So if the Donald decides to throw his hat in the ring as a GOP nominee for 2016 Presidential election which Party Philosophy will he adhere to?
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The Donald please get a new hair style
Here is a brief review of the multimillionaire’s voter history as reflected in New York City Board of Elections records:
* JULY 1987: Trump registers for the first time from his Fifth Avenue penthouse. The real estate developer, 41 at the time, reports having previously been registered from his boyhood home in Queens (though his prior party affiliation is unclear). Trump enrolls as a REPUBLICAN.
* OCTOBER 1999: Trump dumps the GOP and enrolls as a member of the INDEPENDENCE PARTY.
* AUGUST 2001: Trump enrolls as a DEMOCRAT.
* SEPTEMBER 2009: After eight years as a Democrat, Trump returns to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.
* DECEMBER 2011: Trump lasts two years before he again abandons the party of Ronald Reagan. He eschews the GOP in favor of siding with no party. On his registration form, “The Apprentice” star checks off the box marked “I DO NOT WISH TO ENROLL IN A PARTY.”
* APRIL 2012: Trump registers as a REPUBLICANAs of press time, Trump--who turned 69 on Sunday--remains registered as a Republican. (H/T Smoking Gun)

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