Thursday, June 11, 2015

Senator Sessions On TPA: ‘It Transfers American Sovereignty’ Audio

"Sessions Continues TPA Critique: 'A Diminishment Of The Individual Citizens' Power'"
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Sen. Jeff Sessions continued to warn Wednesday against giving President Barack Obama fast track authority, especially for a potential deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In an interview with radio host Mark Levin Wednesday night, Sessions said a potential TPP deal would cause “a diminishment of the individual citizens’ power” as the U.S. president’s vote for a deal would be on par with that of the sultan of Brunei.

"It has all the earmarks of how the European Union got started. And it transfers American sovereignty, the sultan of Brunei gets the same vote as the President of the United States, and they can pass all kinds of things that could bind Americans in a lot of different ways. And as you know fundamentally, we don’t have any control over them. We can’t vote out the sultan of Brunei. This is a diminishment of the individual citizens’ power. It is a transfer to this President, and to an international organization that we have no reason to believe will serve our interests"
 Tell Congress To Oppose President Obama's Secret Trade Bill!

 President Obama's executive overreaches, whether on immigration, Obamacare or drug policy have repeatedly undermined Congress' authority - to the point where the once great deliberative body is quickly becoming irrelevant.
Our Founders soundly rejected the idea of an Imperial Presidency. But that doesn't seem to matter to Barack Obama, who thinks that policy disagreements justify his unilateral actions. This is not only unacceptable - it is unconstitutional!
Congress is a co-equal branch of government. Yet most representatives have passively watched the president amass an unprecedented amount of power and use it to circumvent Congress. It is time principled, conservative lawmakers stand up for their rights as outlined in the Constitution!
Tell your representative today that it's time for Congress to reign in the president by demanding he reveal his intention behind passing the New Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and that they vigorously oppose any amendment that would loosen immigration law!

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