Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Pat Tiberi Republican Address Audio

Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH) talks about the opportunity to create more jobs for our workers by opening up new markets for our farmers, manufacturers, and small business owners.
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To get there, Congress is working on trade promotion legislation that will make negotiations transparent and put the people and their representatives – not the president – in charge.  With a final vote nearing, Rep. Tiberi says, “American jobs, American growth, and American leadership are all at stake.  So let’s get this one done.”
GOP pushes ‘fast-track’ trade bill ahead of House vote.  After a Senate vote last month approving a bill to speed up congressional approval of international trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Republican Party is pushing for ‘fast-track’ trade promotion authority (TPA) to pass in the House.  … Tiberi also listed and addressed other concerns, including transparency (‘TPA changes the system to one where Americans have 60 days to read a trade agreement before it can even be signed,’ the lawmaker said) and overreach of executive powers (‘TPA makes the president follow dozens of strict objectives in his negotiations so that your priorities come first - not his.’)  The issue has garnered rare support from both the Obama administration and Republican congressional leadership.” (CBS News)
GOP rep: US risks being ‘left behind’ if trade bill doesn’t pass.  Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) on Saturday said passing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would help America maintain a competitive edge in the global economy.   ‘The world is changing and engaging like never before, and we must pass TPA so we will not be left behind,’ Tiberi said in the GOP’s weekly address.  … Tiberi also noted China’s growing economic strength as a major reason TPA was necessary for America’s future business dealings.  ‘The economy is changing,’ he said. ‘China knows it, and with us on the sidelines, it is writing the rules of the global economy. They are working on agreements that exclude the United States and undercut our labor standards.’ (The Hill)
Rep. Tiberi: Trade Promotion Authority Puts US on 'Level Playing Field’… Trade promotion authority legislation will help give U.S. companies access to billions of new customers and put the nation's workers ‘on a level playing field,’ Ohio Rep. Pat Tiberi said in Saturday's weekly GOP address. … He warned that with the United States not taking action, China is ‘writing the rules of the global economy’ through agreements that exclude the United States and undercut its labor standards.” (Newsmax)
GOP Weekly Address: More Trade Means More American Jobs. … Tiberi contends the legislation is appropriate for a changing world that is filled with engaging and trading like never before, and the TPA must be passed so the country is not ‘left behind.’  ‘In an economy where growth is still hard to come by, trade means new markets and new customers,’ he said.” (ABC News Radio)

GOP: With us sidelined, China writes the global economic rules” (Investor’s Business Daily)

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