Monday, June 8, 2015

Arizona Doctor's File Lawsuit Against SB1318 Mandate About an “abortion pill reversal”

You may have missed this on Thursday because of the governor’s announcement about education funding, so I wanted to make sure you saw that a lawsuit has been filed against the legislature for their mandate to force doctors to inform women of junk, medically inaccurate information before receiving safe and legal abortions.
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The law in question, SB1318, will require medical doctors and the Arizona Department of Health to tell patients seeking a medication abortion that an “abortion pill reversal” procedure is available. This “procedure” has no basis in medical science and there are no studies showing that it works or is even necessary.  This bill passed despite this lack of any evidence, and over the objections of medical experts.
This is dangerous!
The drug used in the “procedure” has been known to cause birth defects in children. Doctors, who already discuss the risks and side effects of the medication abortion with their patients, tell them that not taking the second dose of the protocol can cause them to carry the pregnancy to full term. Now, they will be forced to give them information about a procedure that has no evidence to back it up and will expose their fetus to harm should they change their mind about the abortion.
A woman has every right to make her own decisions, and to change her mind. In any case, she should receive medically accurate information that doesn’t put her or her baby’s health at risk. Whether pro-life or pro-choice we can all agree on that.
Cathi Herrod and her culture warrior friends have mounted an assault on women’s health for years now and it is unlikely to stop. I have consistently stood up at the legislature to protect our rights and access to reproductive healthcare along with medically accurate information. Please help by making a contribution to our campaign today. You can count on me to continue to lead this fight, but I cannot do it without your support.
Thank you,
Katie Hobbs

Arizona Senate Democratic Leader

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