Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Over 20 Countries Have legalized Same Sex Marriage-Should the US Follow?

Should the US take a page out of Ireland's National Vote Book and put same sex marriage on the National Ballot in 2016 and let the people decide?
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Those who beat their chest and proclaim "I'm a Constitutionalists", there's nothing in the constitution about marriage same sex or otherwise.
Ireland just became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by a national vote—rather than through legislation or the courts.
The list of 21 countries where same-sex marriage is legal nationwide and the year it was approved (Mexico and the United States are not included, since they only allow same-sex marriage in certain jurisdictions):
Ireland (2015)
The Netherlands (2000)
Belgium (2003)
Canada (2005)
Spain (2005)
South Africa (2006)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009)
Argentina (2010)
Iceland (2010)
Portugal (2010)
Denmark (2012)
Brazil (2013)
England and Wales (2013)
France (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
Uruguay (2013)
Luxembourg (2014)
Scotland (2014)
Finland: (signed 2015, effective 2017)

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