Tuesday, April 7, 2015


How can we stop dark money? SUNLIGHT.


We need an anti-dark money disclosure law that shines light on the original donors. Read more.

 The Voice of the People Association of Arizona (VPA Arizona) is an Arizona nonprofit whose goal is to amplify the voices of Arizonans in the legislative and electoral processes. VPA Arizona will work to increase citizen participation through education and engagement in citizens' initiatives. VPA Arizona will also develop leadership and maximize public service experiences for a new generation of leaders and organizers.
VPA Arizona was founded by Terry Goddard, former Phoenix mayor and Arizona Attorney General. Faced with the ongoing threat of “dark money” and its corruption of Arizona elections, Terry founded VPA Arizona to make the citizen initiative process more viable, as well as training a new generation of activists and organizers. The first major goal of VPA will be to stop dark money by requiring full disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures.

VPA Arizona envisions an Arizona where the voices of our citizens are loud, proud and impossible to ignore.

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