Friday, April 3, 2015

Arizona Legislature Nixes Governor Doug Ducey's Own KGB Inspector General

The Arizona Legislature wrapped up the 2015 session in just 81 days early Friday — but nixed Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s own State KGB. 
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Bill HB2420 for an Inspector general that he would have the authority to unilaterally appoint without confirmation of the legislative body.  

His KGB appointee would have a badge, police powers and the ability to subpoena people to testify and produce documents. And if someone did not comply, the legislation provided the inspector general to go to court to enforce the subpoenas.

The problem for many lawmakers, is the inspector general – and employees he or she would be able to hire – would have “too broad powers for their taste.”

 “This new position keeps secret any records prepared or obtained by the inspector general as part of an investigation,” she said, and would make the records “available only to the governor.”

And then there were the objections of Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who called the office unnecessary. “Arizona already has an independent law enforcement agency to investigate fraud and criminal activity,” Brnovich said in a statement about the legislation. “It’s the Attorney General’s Office.”

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