Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey" Just Mean

How do you feel about forcing 200,000 middle class Arizonans to lose their purchased healthcare coverage? I think that’s just mean. Governor Ducey put middle class families’ health at risk for little more reason than political pandering by signing a bill that would prevent health plans to be sold on an Arizona exchange.
Now these families’ health and well-being is completely in the hands of an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling, read more here to get the full story.
Signing HB2643 does not save the state money, it does not improve the lives of Arizonans, it does nothing but limit our healthcare choices. Depending on one unpredictable Supreme Court ruling, it will force Arizonans to give up healthcare that they already purchased. It’s just mean, plain and simple. Not only that though: leaving 200,000 people uninsured with few alternative options can have serious implications to the quality and cost of healthcare for everyone in Arizona.
This is one more signal (in addition to the unbalanced budget, tax cuts to corporations, and many more) that the governor cares more about appealing to his political base than helping Arizona families.

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