Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Arizona Legislature does not represent your priorities

Worse, the Republican leaders are moving their extreme agenda forward through backroom deals and last-minute calendar changes that leave little or no opportunity for public input.

Do these bills, all under consideration this week, represent you?

  • Allowing guns in public places
  • Making it a felony to pick-up early ballots
  • Forcing doctors to give bad medical advice to women and making it a crime when they don't
  • Weakening penalties for cruelty to farm animals, including horses
  • Eliminating Arizona's College and Career Ready standards
You know about the terrible budget that cuts education, reduces services to needy families and penalizes Medicaid providers, while funding corporate tax cuts and private prisons. Now, in the name of states' rights, Republicans are fighting federal regulations that protect the Grand Canyon and provide standards for clean air and water, at the same time they're dictating what our cities, towns and counties can and cannot do in Arizona.

I am fighting against this extremism, but I need your help. Financial support is critical now. Donate here.

With two or three more votes, we could defeat these bad bills. With 6 more seats in the House or 2 seats in the Senate, we can stop the Republican agenda and get back to our priorities: funding education, providing equal opportunities and creating quality jobs.

We have a plan to do just that. Democratic leadership from the State House and State Senate have joined together to organize a campaign effort run by members, for members to build Arizona's future.

We have two goals:

  • Elect Democrats to the Arizona State House and State Senate
  • Gain Democratic majorities in both the Arizona House and Senate
You have helped in the past and we need your help now. We are recruiting candidates for 2016 and we are committed to giving them the support they need to win. Money matters. Donate now. Help me defeat the Republicans' extreme agenda. Every dollar will go to our program to elect Democrats.

Our kids and our state's future depend on your help. Donate here now.

Thank you!

Dr. Eric Meyer
House Minority Leader 

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