Monday, March 30, 2015

Arizona Republicans “WAR ON WOMEN”

Walking back a debate I had with a friend on Republicans war on women, I have to recant my defense of Republicans. Arizona republicans do have a war on women, when they send a bill for the governor’s signature to keep a woman for buying insurance that includes abortion.
When will Republicans learn they don’t have the right to make laws that concerns women about their uterus? Abortion is a choice and should be between the man and woman and their God not government.
I said the above to my representative and paraphrasing his response its government’s responsibility to protect life. If that’s true then why give a Doctor the license to open an abortion clinic, why fund planned parenthood who performed 327 thousand abortions in 2014. Planned Parenthood web site There are two kinds of abortion in the U.S. — in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill.
The measure approved by the Arizona legislature would block women from buying insurance that includes abortion coverage through the federal exchange. It also would require abortion providers to inform women they can reverse the effects of drug-induced abortions. 
Reuters: Arizona Lawmakers Approve Abortion Bill, Send To Governor
Arizona lawmakers passed a controversial measure blocking women from buying insurance that includes abortion coverage through the federal health care exchange. The fiercely-debated bill also requires doctors to tell women they could possibly reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion, a claim that critics called "junk science." (Schwartz, 3/25)

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