Monday, September 9, 2013

Arizona-URAPC In Trouble Collecting Signatures To Put AHCCCS Medicaid Expansion on 2014 Ballot

URAPC had 90 days to gather 84,000 necessary signatures (shooting for 110,000).
They chose a hard row to go collecting signatures in July and August plus Medicaid Expansion has been voted on twice in Arizona and passed both times with an overwhelming majority.
Quote from a person working with the group.
I have worked closely with, and I doubt if they will break even with their efforts. Not a single lobbyist or special interest among them.  Certainly no Hospital PAC or Insurance PAC money. 
With two days left to turn in petition to get AHCCCS Medicaid Expansion HB2010 on the November 2014 ballot the group URAPC is in trouble. They are begging for petitions to be turned in, e-mails are flying back and forth showing the trouble they are in.                                                
We do not have the minimum number to turn in the petitions but we are very close.  
Please send out an email to every PC you know and ask them to get the petitions they have and turn them in. 
They can find locations on the webpage or send an email. 
Every petition needs to be turned in even if it only has a few signatures.  
The resolutions passed overwhelmingly opposing the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Arizona. The Governor and 15 Republicans ignored your wishes, called a special session, temporarily replaced leadership, and shoved it down your throats.
There are two days left to get the signatures necessary to stop the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion.

We have two days left.  If you have a petition please turn it in. 

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