Monday, June 3, 2013

Massachusetts Residents Need to be marching on the capital. A New Gas Tax into infinity without a vote

Indexing the gas tax to inflation?  Seriously Massachusetts

If the tax package is signed into law the gas tax will be forever linked to inflation. It is the gas tax increase “to infinity and beyond.” In other words, there will be an automatic gas tax increase every year. And the legislature never has to vote to raise it again. How convenient. But for the rest of us, it means taxation without representation.
Because NOTHING says a state is open for business than a tax indexed to inflation automatically raised year after year. As the Right Wing Granny put it:
If the bill being discussed is passed, the State of Massachusetts can automatically raise gasoline taxes without a vote by the legislature. Therefore, no one has to go on the record and be held accountable for the tax increase. This is a liberal lawmaker’s dream and a taxpayer’s nightmare.
If I’m Gov Rick Perry of Texas I’d be running ads on every TV & Radio station in the state suggesting they re-locate to Texas and I’d be sending a thank you note to every single member of the state’s house and senate delegation who votes for this bill.
 If I live in Texas or any state that doesn't have a state income tax  I’m sending a thank you card to each and every member of of the Massachusetts state delegation House
and Senate
Any person who would open a business in Massachusetts than can be opened somewhere else, clearly doesn’t belong running a business
Source: "DaTechGuy"

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