Monday, May 6, 2013

Senate Bill S 744 Will Legalize More Than 30 Million Immigrants

Immigration rivals agree;
The Center for American Progress says the Senate’s pending immigration bill will help legalize 32.5 million migrants over the next 10 years.
The estimate is only slightly less than the initial 33.5 million estimate prepared by NumbersUSA, which opposes the bill. 33 Million Green Cards in 10 Years -- Here's How
Both groups produced similar estimates, but couched them very differently, for very different political purposes.

The NumbersUSA group said their estimates were cautious, while the Center for American Progress (CAP) group said their April 30 study shows the Senate bill will actually reduce the current inflow of immigrants.

Their similar estimates match the May 3 prediction of a 32.7 million inflow offered by Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate’s banking committee, and a leading opponent of the bill.

In his statement, Sessions also highlighted the additional inflow of 25 million short-term and long-term agricultural, blue collar and professional workers over the next decade. Sessions has repeatedly said the inflow of 57 million immigrants and guest-workers will damage the wages and job prospects of Americans.

Sessions also predicted the inflow would be high because the new immigrants will use the bill’s family unification provisions to quickly bring in their relatives.

“The Gang of Eight’s bill will drastically increase low-skill chain migration,” said his statement. For example, amnestied agricultural workers and younger illegals will bring in an extra 3 million people within 10 years, said Sessions’ estimate. Source

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