Monday, May 20, 2013

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Benghazi Strikes Fear in the White House

Three scandals - last time I counted - are besetting the White House. The consensus in Washington seems to be that the one involving the IRS presents the greatest threat to President Obama, since everyone gets the IRS. But at the White House, the scandal that I sense is causing the most fear is Benghazi.

And you can see why. Four people died. Help was not sent. And nobody really has any idea what the president did or didn't do about it the night it happened. The administration sought to falsify the story.

Mistakes and then a cover up. That's a big problem.

The White House reaction to Benghazi has been extreme, like Lady Macbeth struggling to wash the blood spots off her hands.

Start with the decision not to put Susan Rice forward as Secretary of State. It's hard to understand - officials come under fire all the time - unless you think of it at least in part as an attempt not to open up the whole can of Banghazi worms. It was the beginning of the Benghazi minimization campaign.

Jay Carney tried to convince you that Benghazi was "long ago." Hillary asked, "What does it matter?" Where was Obama? It's "irrelevant," says senior Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer.

At his press conference May 13, Obama was almost comical in his effort to characterize Benghazi as a partisan witch hunt. "The whole thing defies logic," he said. It has "a lot to do with political motivations" and "they've used it for fundraising." We "dishonor" those who died with the "political circus." The talking points "are just a sideshow" that are getting "spun up" by Republicans. "There's no 'there' there."

The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.

Each of these scandals - including the dangerous culling of reporters' phone records - must be investigated. But Republicans would be remiss if they didn't get to the bottom of Benghazi, which may have been the greatest dereliction of duty of all.

The White House has signalled as much.

Keith KofflerEditor, White House Dossier

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