Monday, May 20, 2013

ARIZONA GOP NEWS UPDATE: IRS/Obamacare/Abuse -- Court Upholds States' Rights

State Paper Fails, Local/National News Blogs Succeed
We're not recommending you spend any time on the rubbish published in the Arizona Republic last week comparing the GOP to the accused Cincinnati serial rapist/kidnapper (!) unless you'd like another glaring example of absurd media bias going beyond political commentary and landing square in the realm of the perverse and bizarre. Greg Patterson's Espresso Pundit and Tim Cavanaugh of the Daily Caller stepped up to point out just how irresponsible and downright offensive a major newspaper can be. Read their reports and tell them what you think in their comments sections online.
No Wonder So Few Trust the Federal Government
Every taxpaying American has heard by now that Obama's Internal Revenue Service has been abusing their powers by targeting groups of citizens and charitable donors based on their political views. This is an outrage, and not just because they targeted conservatives and tea party groups. Using federal powers to destroy choice and freedom is part of Obama's plan, and this is why the Democrats also designed Obamacare to be enforced by the very same IRS which has politicized its mission and abused its power. Even members of the media are suggesting Obama appoint a Republican to run the IRS. How long do you think it will take until citizens regain trust in the federal government? Let us know on Facebook.
Even Media Victimized by Obama Administration Abuses
The second major scandal revealed this week is news that the U.S. Department of Justice has been secretly obtaining the phone records of employees of the Associated Press. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder tried to pass it off as important for national security, but based on recent events such as Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal right here in Arizona, the non-existent response to the Benghazi attacks, and now the IRS's harassment of conservative groups, who can trust the motives of any Democrat in Washington?
Arizona's GOP House Delegation Votes to Repeal Obamacare
Obamacare has been disastrous from the start and our GOP delegation has been fighting it all the way. Not only have some Democrats started calling it a train wreck, the nation learned this week of the shocking political bias within the IRS which is supposed to enforce major components of the healthcare law. Arizona voters are chomping at the bit to vote out power-abusers in Washington, D.C., so let's start with retiring people from Obama's Party like Ron Barber, Kyrsten Sinema, and Ann Kirkpatrick.

Court Sides With AZ: State Can Decide Licensing of Drivers
When the Obama Administration decided prior to the 2012 election to issue "Deferred Action" for certain illegal immigrants, the next step was to force the Arizona to issue driver's licenses to those illegal immigrants. But Arizona law and Governor Brewer's Executive Order requires licenses only be issued to those lawfully present in the U.S. Six months later Arizona's law was upheld in federal court -- decision is here. Governor Brewer said today, "It is a victory for states’ rights, the rule of law and the bedrock principles that guide our nation’s legislative process and the division of power between the federal government and states."

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