Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top 10 Excuses President Obama’s Budget is Late

Submitting an annual budget might be an afterthought to this White House – especially one that doesn’t think spending is the problem – but surely there’s a good explanation for its failure to offer one on time. When your submission is the longest delayed budget of any incumbent president in the 90-year history of presidential budgets, the White House could at least offer a good reason for being so late.
To help them out we came up with 10 reasons:
10. Too busy charming. Well documented has been the president’s new outreach to Republicans, including some fine dining. While one administration official called it a “joke” done for the media, the new approach was welcome. Then again, the charm offensive appears to be over, so perhaps a budget is on the way.
9. ‘Tough choices’ on the White House Easter Egg Hunt guest list. Mrs. Potato Head made the cut, but not Babar’s bride, Celeste. SpongeBob SquarePants, but not Patrick Star. Three Smurfs, but no Snorks at all. Bugs and Daffy are invited, but not Elmer Fudd (an opponent of gun control?)
8. Presidential tour guide? With the president’s sequester now in effect, the White House shut down public tours even though it has yet to cut its own operations. But the White House is still open to donors and one wonders whether the president has been forced to show his friends around himself.
7. Planning another energy photo-op. Taking credit for an energy project like Keystone XL while blocking it at the same time is no easy feat. Maybe the president is planning a return trip to Cushing, OK?
6. Concerned about zero votes? It makes sense for the president to delay as long as possible because not a single Democrat or Republican voted for his budget plan last year.
5. Backpedaling further on entitlement reform. President Obama has already taken raising the Medicare eligibility age and any Medicaid savings off the table. This year, it is taking extra time to finalize which much-needed entitlement reforms the president will abandon
4. Martha’s Vineyard calling. Who can think about a budget when preparations for Martha’s Vineyard require one’s full attention?
3. Tax hikes come first. The president got $650 billion in new tax hikes on January 1st, yet he wants more and his very public campaign to confiscate more tax dollars from American families is clearly a higher priority.
2. Brackets over budgets. It takes a lot of preparation to get ready to broadcast your March Madness picks to the world. The OMB director can’t hold a candle to Andy Katz.
1. Ensuring his budget balances. Just kidding. That will never happen. The president made perfectly clear he won’t offer a balanced budget, but must be still trying to figure out how to claim his budget is about “balance.” Source

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