Saturday, March 16, 2013

Texas police answer 911 call, fail to discover four shot inside home

Police Get “Shots Fired” 911 Call – Discover Dead Bodies 4 Days Later
Texas News

MESQUITE, Texas woman fatally shot her husband and two children before turning the gun on herself investigators said Thursday. The bodies were discovered 4 days after police officers were first dispatched to the scene following a 911 call which reported the sound of gunfire coming from the residence. According to police spokesman Bill Hedgpeth the officers found no reason to enter the family’s home at that time.
Hedgpeth said police initially arrived at the scene of the shooting Saturday morning after a female 911 caller on a cellphone said she’d heard gunshots coming from inside the home. The officers, according to Hedgpeth, knocked on doors, looked in windows and spoke to neighbors but found no reason to force their way into the home.
The same police officers returned to the scene on Wednesday after “their days off” to find newspapers and mail accumulating outside the home and decided at that point to force their way in. Inside the home, police found bodies scattered in different rooms. Investigators had to enter through a window due to a body blocking the front door.
Hedgpeth defended the officers actions as proper, considering the circumstances:
“Frankly, when there are no signs of forced entry you clear the call. I think they used due diligence by going back like they did.”
In a statement issued Thursday the Dallas county medical examiner‘s report stated that Angelica Vazquez’s death was ruled suicide and the 3 others, her 44 year old husband and 18 & 21 year old children, were ruled homicides.
Friends of Angelica said she had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and was undergoing chemotherapy.

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