Friday, March 1, 2013

Sen. McCain Takes On President Obama’s Sequestration “Credibility Problem”

With the deadline for sequestration cuts looming just hours away, Sen. John McCain weighed in on the spending cut “madness” this morning on ‘Fox and Friends.’ McCain called out President Obama for what he described as a “credibility gap.”

“He said, one, that sequestration won’t happen, and two, that it was Congress’s idea. That was not the case … we’re starting out with a credibility gap that’s rather serious,” he said.
And the hit the cuts take out on the Department of Defense is exorbitant, he said, adding that they make up about half of the total cuts. In terms of the budget, however, Defense takes up only about 19 percent of spending.
This hit is important, McCain contended, simply because “this is a dangerous world.” He cited tensions in North Korea, Tehran, and the Middle East. “One of these places could explode at any moment, and we’re going to have further cuts?”

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